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    how to recover my stolen id


    by spinty ·

    an id of mine was stolen by a girl.i gave her my password but not intentionally its rather a long story and she wanted me to give her money if i wanted my id back and i question is is there a way to contact Yahoo and recover my password?

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      by spinty ·

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      have a read here

      by purpleskys ·

      In reply to how to recover my stolen id

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        already read that

        by spinty ·

        In reply to have a read here

        but still i need someone to really talk with that can get me to solve this problem.i would have imagined chatting with someone from yahoo directly , not sure if thats possible , anyway pls help.

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          to be honest

          by shellbot ·

          In reply to already read that

          Yahoo really probably aren’t interested in speaking to anyone directly..
          Its a free service they offer..your not exactly going to get premium support from them.

          Thats the reason why you should NEVER share your password.

          Has she changed your passowrd? If not, then just go change it, and change your security questions.
          If she has changed it..start a new one and forget about the compromised one.

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          You can have MY password.

          by ron k. ·

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          It’s *************.

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          this is nice

          by spinty ·

          In reply to You can have MY password.

          everywhere i go there has to be a troll just cant get away from u guys.:)))

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          Does it look like I was talking to you?

          by ron k. ·

          In reply to this is nice

          Does it really?

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          How unusual

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to this is nice

          That you should attract comments with your predicament.

          I can’t fathom why.

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          by shellbot ·

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          so you’re the one who’s attrcting them to the site??!!


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      RE: [i]how to recover my stolen id

      by oh smeg ·

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      No easy way short of paying the money and chalking it up to your own stupidity.

      Sites like Yahoo tell you not to hand out your User Name and Passwords for a reason and you have just discovered what that reason is.

      Here if you really [b]Must Have[/b] this ID back you have 3 options

      [b]A[/b] Pay the requested money and never do something as silly as this again.

      [b]B[/b] Stalk and then when you think you can get away with it kidnap the female if it actually is a female and torture the new Password out of her/him then change it immediately and never be so stupid again.

      [b]C[/b] Pay a Lawyer to sue this person for damages and when you get control of this account again change the password and never hand it out ever again or place yourself in a position where someone else could steal your Password.

      Though with the last option you’ll probably be declaring yourself Bankrupt and no longer have any way to connect to Yahoo so the entire operation is Moot.

      [b]D[/b] Forget the Account and get on with your life.

      The fourth is the only realistic option but it will not get your Yahoo Account returned to you. Though the Kidnap & Torture may prove satisfying till you are apprehended and convicted it’s not really an Viable option either well not to most sane people. 😉

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      Now you’ve posted it

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to how to recover my stolen id

      for the world to see, you may not want it back. Spambots, y’know.

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      RE: Yahoo

      by poppatab ·

      In reply to how to recover my stolen id

      Ummm make new account spinty1_2005?

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