How To Recover SATA HD

By 02matthewfox ·
I have a buffalo external hard drive, the power unit has blown. I have took apart the drive and i now have just the SATA drive. Is there any way I can recover the data from the drive without paying over the odds for it.

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Well, does it have normal connectors?

by seanferd In reply to How To Recover SATA HD

Plug it into a system with SATA then. You may not need to do any "recovery" at all.

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How To Recover SATA HD

by spcgreg In reply to How To Recover SATA HD

Assuming the HDD still works your options will be to plug it into an available SATA port on your computer and copy the files onto your internal HDD or purchase SATA to USB cables and plug the HDD into the USB port and retrieve your files. There is also a kit that you can purchase from your local computer store that will allow you to use your SATA drive as an external usb HDD, this is a simple case where you insert your SATA drive and plug it into your usb port. Hope this helps.

Greg R.

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What do you mean, "I have took apart the drive..."

by Ron K. In reply to How To Recover SATA HD
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I think he means

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What do you mean, "I have ...

he took the physical HD out of the external enclosure, disconnecting the power and data leads.

If that's the case, I'm with the other respondents. You could either stick in an available bay on your system, or purchase a replacement external enclosure for less than $20.

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Both methods will work, however...

by dldorrance In reply to I think he means

If you need to transfer gigabytes of information, the USB method is much slower than directly connecting the drive to a functioning computer.

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