How to redirect an IP address on my DNS server

By DaveDXB ·
I have a windows 2003 DNS server enabled.

How can I redirect an internal IP address request such as (332.343.232.223) from an internal user, to point to another Internal computer ( ?

Do i add a PTR? or a MX? or WHat????


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more routing than dns

by TG2 In reply to How to redirect an IP add ...

the keywords are "redirect an ip"

for redirecting IP you need routing and remote access to setup static routes.

You use DNS when you want to redirect Named queries..

Example... at a former company, we setup the internal DNS servers with domains for for and others.. so that when internal users would try to go to, their machine was given the IP to our internal web server, which had a default page for any given domains that were unknown, which was a "The website you have attempted has been deemed 'not for business use' and as such access is not permitted to users of company resources!"


in fact it made me several bonus points when a supposed "senior" tech said it couldn't be done, not for free and not without extra servers and software.. and the manager asked me privately (since I'd suggested it) what it would take and I answered "5 minutes". The senior tech was fired one week later, this being the straw ... showing his ineptitude at its zenith.

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You didn't answer how

by JayDee3 In reply to more routing than dns

You didn't answer how to "redirected the
IP". What was the process you use to
complete this task. It would be nice to know
how to complete this. Please advise.


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Look at the date of the post. :)

by OnTheRopes In reply to You didn't answer how

I doubt that you'll be advised.

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Uh huh!

by JayDee3 In reply to Look at the date of the p ...

You may be right! LOL!!

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