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How to redirect Mails in OUtlook?

By TellMeWhy ·
Hi, I am using Ms Outlook 2000 in my office which is being run by Exchange2000 on our servers. I am recieving huge amount of spam mails of worthless advertisements which i want to automatically be redirected to "deleted items". Please help me. I have to delete these Ads everyday and in 100s sometimes. Please Help........

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by Oz_Media In reply to How to redirect Mails in ...

It is not advisable to create a simple rule to forward SPAM to a deleted folder.

The biggest problem with SPAM and AntiSpam software is False Positives.

eg. You deem anything saying "FREE offer' under on rule, Sex under another etc. Yo uthen recieve an emial from your boss that states, STOP all this email about "free porn" and "mu improved sex life" immediately. You will not see this email as it will be deleted vy tiyr rule.

This would be a False Positive and is VERY hard to reduce even by SPAM software.

I just installed over $3000 worth of SPAM protection for a customer, a major selling feature was a .1% False Positive ration.

Your method is ineffective sorry. If you feel that SPAM is slowing your productivity my even 10 minutes per day, this could be costing your company thousand each year just in employee time. Not to mention server mainteneance, storage space and virus repair.

Speak to you boss and tell him your time is being wasted and that you'd like to see some form of SPAM protection in place.

There is also liability on his *** if he doesn't at least TRY to stop it. If any staff member decided that a subject line is offensive (as MANY are) they can sue the company for not making any efforts to reduce the influx of offensive material into the email system.

Creating aand constantly managing rules will create MORE work than simply deleting or moving your mail manually.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

thanx OZ and you may be right but really deleting 100s everyday manually is too much. there must be a way to redirect them i mean an easier way. Is there any way to stop spam from server side? or is there any from client side?

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by IT_Cowboy In reply to How to redirect Mails in ...

You can set up rules to do something when received from people or distribution list. If nearly all your mail is internal, you could use this rule to target messages sent from external sources to your organisation and not stored in your contacts. If you are potentially getting valid messages now and again from people not currently recorded in your system, you would need to vet the spam and then add any valid senders of email to your contacts to allow them through in the future.

Still hit and miss, but at least the mail landing in your inbox you will know is either internal or someone from your contacts list.

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by Oz_Media In reply to How to redirect Mails in ...

Part one of two part message, remainder as comment:

Yes you will need to apply anti spam server side for it to be effective.

I have stidied this subject quite extensively recently and here's a summary of what I've found.
Your argument is my exact point.

Your company is paying you and everyone else for an extra 15-30 minutes per day that is wasted deleting SPAM. Ask your enployer if everone can have a second paid coffee or lunch break each day. Add that up over a year and you have justified any softwarecosts invested.

Other than that, you are just opening yourself up as a target.

Many SPAMMERS will simply use spiders to find your domain name from the web ie.

They then send mail to that address, once youe server has accepted mail, that then use another program to start testing random names against your domain name in alphabetical order.,, and so on. This method sometimes returns tens if not hundreds of accepted addresses at your domain.

This is where it starts to really suck! The guy then compiles a list of 10,000 -20,000 names and sells it for $6,000+.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Once you start accepting SPAM into your server this process will almost inevitable begin and will not stop until one of the following is done.

>>Complete change of all email addresses and ordomain name. VERY expensive and only has the same problem six months later.

>>Invest in server side protection. Good detection should check RBL lists, perform heuristic scanning and also report and monitor any open relays in the network.

A very important step for SPAM reduction that CAN be manually performed at the server is to limit the number of simultaneous connections, perhaps 100-200 at a time. Then also configure you email server to only allow a specified number of simultaneous connections from a single IP address during a specified time. What this does is it only allows a spammer to send say 20 SPAM mail nefore he can send the next 30 he will be delayed a half hour.
Many spammers will be automatically sending 50 to 100 emails to each user in a list. If it takes 1.5 hours to get 70 to you before his system moves to the next mailbox, you are slowing his efforts and he will lose money. You will be quickly removed from the list. Again this takes some email configuration, AntiSpam software should offer simultaneous connection monitoring and control.

Any other effort simply MOVES mail, it is still bogging down your servers (just multiply your 100 per day with everyone else's). It opens you up to virus and worm attacks and once your server is used to replay mail, you will end up on an RBL list and will not be able to send mail to many of your important contacts for several weeks s you patch and apply for RBL removal, it's NO fun.

I'm sorry to go on but when it comes to buying antispam software, (I should have added this to the I am a Geek discussion)"resistance is futile".

You are a marketing tool, capturing your SPAM (and many important emails seen as false positives) will not resolve the issue. It feeds it, welcomes it and snowballs it. All of you

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by Oz_Media In reply to

...All of your contacts in your address book will in turn start recieving SPAM due to your insufficient ptotection many will recieve these emails that will have YOU as the sender. Once they are on a blacklist, you will have cost another company money.

By accepting it, you are condoning and fuelling it. Do you part to block it, once spam is unprofitable, these people will move on to other scams and leave your email alone.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

THanx OZ and IT.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to How to redirect Mails in ...

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