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    How to Redirect Previous Old URL to New one?


    by hingoro ·

    Hi, Freinds!
    I have a big problem related to my SEO work. I’m working on my company site that was completely on WordPress. A couple of weeks ago our developer has transfer main site to HTML site and kept a blog to the same WordPress by transferring in new folder “/blog”.

    Now, I’m facing big issues. I don’t have much knowledge regarding development and our developer are not taking this seriously.

    The problem is I tried to redirect old blog URLs, which are getting huge organic clicks, to new blog URLs through WordPress redirect plugin but it is not working.

    I want to know how can I redirect old URL to a new one.

    URL Structured:

    OLD URL: /ctaegory/postname
    NEW URL: postname
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    Waiting for your solutions!

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