how to redistribute a wireless signal

By mazrub ·
i have 2 sites. one has internet access and the other, which is 1000 feet away, has no internet access.
Whats the best way for me to send the internet signal wirelessly from the first site to the second site and be able to have that internet access through a wired network within the second site?
thanks in advance

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wireless outdoor access point

by ken In reply to how to redistribute a wir ...

I think the product below will work. Looks like you need one at each end. It says it will do 1640 ft outdoors. If you can put one "in the middle" some how then you could increase the range and speed.

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More Questions

by drichards In reply to how to redistribute a wir ...

Not an easy question to answer. There are multiple ways to do what you want. But before you decide there are several things to take into consideration. First, what?s between site 1 and site 2? Is it direct line of site? Second, what?s halfway between the two sites? If you?re jumping over a building you could end up with more interference from the radio waves bouncing around and that could make your connection less stable, especially when it rains. Third, how much clearance do you have between good old mother earth and the two installation points? And how fast do you want the link to go? And last but not least is price, how much are you willing to spend?

I know for the distance that you are talking about I always use 5 Ghz radios, much more secure, less likely to experiance "Rain Fade". Especially if they are fixed point systems. You can use 2.4 Ghz radios but depending on the area you would have to contend with people using your link. 2.4 Ghz security is not all that great!

Sorry for the long winded response that didn?t answer your question. But to answer it the questions above would have to be answered.

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answer to 'more questions'

by mazrub In reply to More Questions

There is a clear line of sight between both sites, nothing in between other than some sparse trees.
the first site is a one story building and the secong is a 2 story building.
I'd like to have a minimum of cable modem speed and keep the costs under $1000 if possible.

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Good To Go

by drichards In reply to answer to 'more questions ...

Well with what you have told me the post by "mlee" would be correct. I use Proxim equipment in my wireless network. The 5 Ghz Quickbridge radios make life easy and are capable of T1 traffic with no problem. You can find good used ones on ebay in your price range. They are in the $1500.00 to $2300.00 range new.

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wireless bridge

by mlee In reply to how to redistribute a wir ...

look into a wireless bridge (cisco or proxim make some nice products) have used the proxim tsunami stuff several times great results but you do need a clear line of site for the outdoor antennas to get best signal strength.

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additional question

by mazrub In reply to wireless bridge

using the aforementioned wireless bridge, would the signal need to be distributed to individual computers through their wireless cards? OR is there a way to have some sort of main receiver that would be able to redistribute the signal through a wired ethernet network?

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answer :)

by mlee In reply to additional question

the wireless bridge is point to point it would act like a switch with the uplink port working through the wireless antenna. So just plug each bridge unit into your wired switches at each building. All your doing is extending your network to another segment. Your wireless card clients wont be able to pick them up.

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wireless bridge configuration

by mazrub In reply to answer :)

so I'm assuming that I would need two wireless bridges.
If so, how do I configure them so i can set up which one is sending out a wireless signal and which one is receiving the wireless signal?
Thanks in advance

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by mlee In reply to wireless bridge configura ...

just buy a bridge comes with all you need (except your might need to buy a longer piece of coxial cable). Each unit will setup as a partner so that they can only see each other. Here is a link to a quick bridge setup.

There are other products out there that I've used but i've always had good luck with these type products. I've done it before for (with buffalo network WHR-HP-G54) people who had a very small budget and security wasn't a major concern. These units only support WEP when being used in bridge mode. So there are some cheaper options, but the proxim model's will give you everything you need speed, security, and a good value.

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