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How to reduce Bounce Rate?

By sonyrobin ·
can anybody tell me how to reduce Bounce Rate of my website?

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Need more visitors

by stellakelly In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

Promote website via seo, smm and ppc. Built more content in the website via the blog section, share the blog to social media channels.
Creative attractive user friendly website with unique and informative research based content.
Target only those visitors who wish to enjoy your services.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

by sonamgupta07 In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

You can reduce your bounce rate by using infographics, videos, pictures etc. inside your main pages.
improve your websites loading time
Content should be relevant.
improve link building

Best Mobile Phones

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How to reduce Bounce Rate?

by Daniel@30 In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...


I will suggest some tips is given below,

First try to the write best Content as user understandable,
Relevant Content
Use in site CSS / JavaScript
Make a site User Friendly
Use AMP on Site

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Best way to reduce bounce rate

by jamesmehraa In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

There is one and the only way a person would stay on your website is if your website is providing what he/she came looking for. Keeping your content's quality high is the only way to reduce bounce rate. Your site should be appealing and informative.
Inserting images and videos related to your content is also a good way. Keep updating your website from time to time as it would show your audience that you are keeping them up to date.

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Bonus rate

by iamabatsman478 In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

Hey, most of the people they get the bonus. And nowadays it's common for all people. Many of job everywhere they get a bonus. if bonus rate is increased they are very happy but they increase more it's not good. My suggestion is that if you want to know it then follow the site which I prefer.

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How to reduce Bounce Rate?

by celmarhdawids In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

1. Reduce Page Loading Time
2. Make the Posts Simple and Concise
3. Use AMP version of Website.
4. improve link building

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate

by kylojoe In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

Bounce Rate is an internet marketing terms that used to calculate single page users visitor in web traffic analysis. It describes the percentage of the visitor who enters the site and just leaves in a short time to without browsing further to another page. According to Google, the bounce rate of any website between 26 to 40 percentage is excellent.
Reduce bounce rate is totally depends on the minimum optimization of websites according to google.

* Optimize Page Loading Time
* Improve Your's Content Readability
* Avoid Popup's
* Used Blog on Site
* Create Landing Page with High Volume Keyword
* Build Call to Action
* Use Logical - Internal Linking Structure
* Make Your Site Easy to Search
* Make Website Mobile Friendly
* Improve Brand Story - Social Media
* Show Credibility

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Website Values

by sarjdvl In reply to How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is one of the points of website valuation.
Website Values are also calculated by the website worth, daily page views and daily visitors, daily ad revenue, Alexa rank, Backlinks, visitors by country, website values and etc.
For Website Value you can use online services - website calculators (for example ). These services give you full reports of all Website Values indicators.

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by Smanahk In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

I recommend finding out why users are leaving your site. Fo it you need to install any tool to track user behavior. you need to analyze their behavior and eliminate the shortcomings. this work will reduce the number of site failures.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

by In reply to How to reduce Bounce Rate ...

1. Provide genuine content
2. The website should be attractive and informative
3. Avoid Popups
4. Kepp blog update with quality content
5. Use Target and related keywords
6. Attract the right audience

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