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How to reduce virus traffic?

By buschman_007 ·
I'm sure there are people getting it a lot worse than I am right now. But my Exchange2K3 server is really working hard to process these bogus e-mails. I have internal exchange clients and external POP3/IMAP4/OWA clients that still need access. But how can I stop malicious attackers from stealing my server's resources?

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Virus firewalls

by JamesRL In reply to How to reduce virus traff ...

There are virus firewalls which screen out mail traffic before they reach your mail server. They aren't cheap, but then again neither is beefing up your mail infrastructure.

Check out for their MXextreme product - there are others as well.

The other route is to use one of the third pary services which will for an ongoing fee do the same thing. Most of them use software such as Brightmail to do the screening - my understanding is that Brightmail is the state of the art. Obviously it costs more over the long run but it avoid a capital outlay and ongoing maintenance headaches if you use the service instead of buying a server.

Hope that helps.

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