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    How to reference a value in range of cel


    by john ·

    I have a spreadsheet with a number of worksheets in it. I want cell A2 to A200 to have the value that is from a cell range in another worksheet.
    new.xls has worksheets 1, 2, 3
    worksheet 1 is the ‘master’ with values from worksheets 2(P2:P200) and 3 (M2:M200).
    How do I put those cell values from the other worksheets into cells in worksheet 1?

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      Don’t type, point and click

      by jimbb ·

      In reply to How to reference a value in range of cel

      Select the cell where the result should be, type “=”, and point to the cell where you want the data to come from, and press enter. You’ll see your Excel will build you a formula that looks like this:


      Copy that around, correct references where needed, and off you go.


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