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Hi Everyone

This is a two pronged question so please bear with me. I recently upgraded my old laptop drive for a newer larger faster one. I used the recovery cd to install the OS (Windows XP) onto the new drive and have done all updates. Before this installed a download of office 2007 onto the old drive. I have attached the old drive as a slave by USB casing to the laptop. It detects the drive but asks me if I want to format the partitions on which my old information and the office download are on. I cant seem to access it otherwise. Do I need to do anything else? Can anyone suggest how I can access the partitions and install the program to run on the new drive? Please help urgently. Many Thanks. AA

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First thing to check....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HOW TO REINSTALL OFFICE 2 ...

Right click on My Computer and choose Manage. In the drive manager, look to see if the old drive has a drive letter. If it does not, right click it and choose to assign a drive letter. Once the drive letter has been assigned, use Explorer to see if you can read the contents of the drive.

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Thank you.. but still same same

by Ade Ade In reply to First thing to check....

Thank you for the suggestion. Explorer can see all three partitions that were on the old drive. The recovery partition I can access and that opens immediately. Its the other two partitions (though visible) that cant be accessed. If I click on either it asks me to fromat the partition. Of course if I format I lose the data. One more thing.. in the recovery partition that opens up there is an autorun program.. Im guessing this is auto reinstall the recovery which would delete both the new and old drives no? Please advise.

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XP does this all too often for some reason

by The Scummy One In reply to HOW TO REINSTALL OFFICE 2 ...

what I do from here is try getting the data via Linux, Vista, or MS Dart

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Thank you.. but please elaborate

by Ade Ade In reply to XP does this all too ofte ...

Thanks for the suggestions but please elaborate. I dont run linux on the system, but I do hae a linux install that runs from the dvd drive. If I were to use this could Linux access an NTFS partition and enable me install from it onto a windows XP hard drive? How can this be done? Does installing MSDart affect anything else on the new hard drive install? I dont have a VISTA system t use but even if I did and could access the old drive how would I be able to use it to install in my new XP harddrive?

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Use a live cd to copy the files from the old drive to new

by seanferd In reply to Thank you.. but please el ...

If you can mount the old and new drives and read them, just copy the installation files over.

So yes, you can.

Someone may be able to give you exact pointers if you let us know exactly which Linux live cd/dvd you have.

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Remove the drive from the USB enclosure

by Jacky Howe In reply to HOW TO REINSTALL OFFICE 2 ...

and check if it has Jumpers. Set it to Cable Select if you have the option. If it is already Cable Select remove the Jumper. You could also put the drive back in the Notebook and run chkdsk /r.

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I may have found a fix

by Jacky Howe In reply to Remove the drive from the ...

Use this at your own risk as I haven't tested it as yet but it looks promising.

Fixmbr - Repair Master Boot Record



Command to run if you only have one Hard drive in your System. If you have two hard drives check the instructions by clicking Fixmbr from explorer and it will create a html file for perusal.

Press Winkey + r and type in cmd and press Enter. Navigate to where you copied MbrFix and then type the following commands and press Enter after each command.

MbrFix /drive 1 savembr Backup_MBR_0.bin

MbrFix /drive 1 restorembr Backup_MBR_0.bin

MbrFix /drive 1 fixmbr /yes

The first command will backup the MBR to test if it is working, along with the second command. The third command will rewrite the MBR.

With the external drive attached press the WinKey + Pause/Break and click the System Restore tab. Stop monitoring the drive and the system volume information directory should be removed.

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Can I take it

by Jacky Howe In reply to I may have found a fix

that this didn't work.

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RE: "installed a download of office 2007 onto the old drive"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HOW TO REINSTALL OFFICE 2 ...

If indeed, you installed Office 2007 onto the old drive, you may be under the misconception that you can simply COPY the installation across from the Slave to the New HDD. This will not work.

If you managed it, all you would achieve is to copy the files from the old HDD to the new HDD but you couldn't copy all the registry entries from the old to the new.

As I understand your situation you have 2 options:

#1 If you still have the INSTALLER for Office 2007 (NOT the installed files), you could change the HDDs back to the old one and boot with that in your system, copy the Office 2007 INSTALLER onto a CD/DVD, then change back to boot from the new HDD and install Office 2007 from your optical drive.

#2 Forget about trying to copy the installer from the old drive to the new drive and simply DOWNLOAD Office 2007 again.

By and large, when you change HDDs the only files that you can successfully transfer from old to new, are data files. Any installed files that rely on registry entries to operate are NOT transferable between HDDs.

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installed a download of office 2007 onto the old drive

by Ade Ade In reply to RE: [i]"installed a downl ...

Thank you for this. Indeed I do still have the installer files on the old drive and thats the file I want from the drive. Windows recognises the partition but unfortunately when I try to access the drive it tells me I need to format the partition. There must be a way that I can access these partitions no?

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