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How to reinstall XP Pro OEM on new hard drive

By Daniel224 ·
My lap top originally had XP Pro preinstalled which I later replaced with Win 2000 Pro because it cleared up a port conflict. Now I want to reinstall the OEM XP Pro on a new hard drive on my laptop. Will Microsoft still have the OEM version available to download? I do have a CD version of Win XP Pro that I could use instead. Suggestions on install on a new hard drive would be appreciated.

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Just pop the XP CD in there and go

by robo_dev In reply to How to reinstall XP Pro O ...

As long as the laptop can boot from the CD, install will start automatically.

the only tricky part would be if your laptop has a SATA drive and the controller driver is not on the XP CD. You will also need to gather/download the drivers for the various devices (network, video drivers, wlan drivers, sound, etc). You will need the install CDs or packages for whatever apps you are installing.

Of course if there is data on there, you will want to back it up first before you reformat and install a new OS,

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RE: Will Microsoft still have the OEM version available to download?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to reinstall XP Pro O ...

M$ has never had a OEM Copy to Download. Here if you want to use the correct License you need to use a Recovery Disc from your NB Maker. That way you can use the Product Key on the COA to maintain a Legitimate Copy of XP on your System.

However saying that provided you are not breaching the M$ License Agreement you can use any Media to install the OS from. You just Can Not use any Product Key that you have to load a system.

If you didn't get a Recovery Disc when you bought your NB then there was a Recovery partition on the HDD and you should have Ordered a Recovery Set from the NB Maker straight Away or made a Recovery Set if you where given that option. Depending on the age and the maker of your NB they may no longer have a Recovery Set available for your particular Model NB.


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