How to release MAC Addresses

By icetahm ·
hi all

we bought a couple of ASUS U36S and used 1 image to reimage all of them. now we have a wireless network and lately i have noticed that internet on these laptops would drop and giving an unlimited connectivity(on wireless). after investigation we found that all laptops on the network have the same mac address. how do i release that so that each has a unique mac address?

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not likely

by JPElectron In reply to How to release MAC Addres ...

Why do you think they all have the same MAC address?

From command-line, type: ipconfig /all
do you really see the same MAC (shows up across from "Physical Address") on all of them?

If you go into Device Manager, right-click on this adapter, is there a setting in there for Hardware address or MAC address? if so, take it out, the card should use it's factory programmed address.

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Depends on what you exactly did here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to release MAC Addres ...

If you made a Image from one system already setup the not so easy solution is to go to each and reset the Networking.

it honestly would be easier to use the OEM OPK Install Kit available from M$ to reimage all of the systems and then share them on the network.


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Reponse To Answer

by icetahm In reply to Depends on what you exact ...

after further checking some mac address are slightly different but what troubles me now is the Transport Name
\Device\Tcpip_{FD69DF3D-2969-4778-8729-C30E3DA1BA57} this is all the same on all the lappy's that were imaged and deployed

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this smells dumb

by SMIILEY In reply to How to release MAC Addres ...

what kind of imaging did you do??? did you generalize your image before you captured it??

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