How to remove a botched IE8 installation

By cce52 ·
During an automatic update, IE8 was tried to be installed in a computer here. For some reason the installation didn't finished successfully and now, no matter that the Internet Explorer version still reports as IE7, the computer is acting up every time time that IE is used.
I think that the reason is that botched IE8 installation. Is there any way to get rid of any traces of the IE8 botched installation ??. Any help will be appreciated.
Operating system : XP Pro Service Pack 3. Scanned for viruses/malware and doesn't report anything.
Thank you !

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system restore on?

by CG IT In reply to How to remove a botched I ...

you can remove IE8 from add/remove programs with the show updates checked.

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IE8 doesn't show

by cce52 In reply to system restore on?

Thank you for your prompt response. IE8 doesn't show as an installed update in ADD/REMOVE programs. It only shows a bunch of Security Updates and Hot Fixes. The failed installation only shows when I enter and then "review your update history". IE8 shows as a failed installation. I don't have a particular interest on installing IE8, but IE8 installation fails even when I select it manually from Windows Update. I fear that the failed installation left some trace in the registry that is causing the issues.

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download it from or IE home page

by CG IT In reply to IE8 doesn't show

install it, then uninstall it if you want, however, Windows needs some version of Explorer to work, even if you use Firefox or other browser applications as your browser.

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Thank you

by cce52 In reply to download it from ...

Thank you so much !!

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