How to remove an Exchange server in ESM that's no longer on the network

By Kjell_Andorsen ·
I'm a junior sysadmin at a relativly small company. We use Active directory and Exchange 2003 with just a single Exchange server.

The former SA (before he got fired) had 2 exchange servers (Exchange1 and Exchange2)running, then he decided to decomission Exchange1 and physically removed the server. However he did not remove the server through ESM so an entry for it still exists, this tends to cause some minor irritations such as Active directory defaulting to creating new mailboxes on a server that doesn't actually exist. Is there a way for us to remove the server in ESM without hooking up a test server with the old server name to make ESM think it's back on the network?

Any help would be appreciated

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A perfect example of "it's too easy"

by curlergirl In reply to How to remove an Exchange ...

Provided that the server was properly decommissioned in the first place - that is, all server roles related to EXchange were removed, and Exchange was properly uninstalled - all you have to do in ESM is right-click on the server name and click "Delete." :-)

Hope this helps!

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Ah, but therein lies the problem

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to A perfect example of "it' ...

The former SA never decomissioned it properly, he basically just unplugged the box, reformatted it and set it up with a different format. Now when trying to remove the server from Exchange it just times out when we try to select it since the actual server is no longer there.

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orphaned servers in AD

by CG IT In reply to Ah, but therein lies the ...

ooh just unplugging it... that was bad. but the real question is, how was exchange setup for the 2 servers? front end backend? that's the easiest problem to fix. If the company is small, I would venture front end back end exchange. But knowing how Exchange was setup with 2 servers is the starting point.

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Remove Exchange

by p.j.hutchison In reply to orphaned servers in AD

You can remove it using ADSIEDIT.MSC and search the Configuration partition of the domain (Services, Exchange etc) and look for the the server in list and delete it!

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adsi edit is the answer

by bcc243 In reply to Remove Exchange

You can use adsi edit to browse the ou of the old server and just delete it. be carefull

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