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    How to remove badware from my website?

    by sasha valentina ·

    My website has recently been attacked by badware and my SSL certificate has been revoked by Sectigo. I already tried the method suggested in w1w2w3.stopbadware.org badware.
    I found out that malicious files have been added to my server, which cause my website cannot be loaded. On the other hand, there was once I notice that all my files in the sever have been deleted.
    i remove the malicious codes added to my server and also did a review from Google Seach Console. There are no security issues found in my websites that have been reviewed by the google search console. Furthermore, I also use the Virus Scanner provided in my server to scan if there are any virus files that I have mislooked while checking it. But no luck, my SSL certificate has been revoked by Sectigo again due to phishing detected on my website.

    What are the other steps that I could do to solve this hacking problem that is occurring on my website? It has been bugging me for a long time and i know SSL certificate is so important to a website. What can i do with it? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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      The reason the site won’t load is there is no valid SSL Cert.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to How to remove badware from my website?

      Seems like a good time to wipe the site clean and start simple, get your cert back and build back better.

      Also, you mention you have “websites.” If so, do you have a team member to deal with site security?

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      Technology plays an important role

      by satyaw3care ·

      In reply to How to remove badware from my website?

      May I know the Open Source Platform in which your website is developed? Well I think, we all have to change our business web presence with respect to the technology, Like currently EE and CraftCMS as well as Magento upgraded their versions, so, for small medium and big business, go with advance technology to get rid from such security issues.

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      remove badware from my website

      by smitholiver308 ·

      In reply to How to remove badware from my website?

      When a website is hacked, malicious software (malware) is placed somewhere on the site, either by editing existing files or by adding new ones. Malware is designed to harm your site and can be difficult to detect.

      If you aren’t familiar with how website code looks, figuring out what part of the code is malware that needs to be removed, is a challenge. Every hack is different, so it’s really a matter of looking through the files of your website and figuring out what’s not supposed to be there.

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