how to remove bios password

By vineeth_rajagopal ·
I am having an intel mother board pc.Accidently i put a bios password and now i can boot through that password but i can't access my bios to change the password.

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Call your manufacturer

by Tig2 In reply to how to remove bios passwo ...

Ethically, we cannot help you further.

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<Basil Fawlty voice> This ...typical !!!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to remove bios passwo ...

You swan in here, poncing about, complaining - and what do I have to do ?


Put up with it !! ...That's what !!
<Normal voice>
So, in creating this password you initially gained access to an unprotected BIOS. While you were raking about in there, you created TWO passwords.

1. To give you access to the BIOS.
2. To allow you to boot up.

Both of the above password protected.

If you look at this logically - you now have a system that you cannot change the password on. So, actually, what you have is a system that no-one else can change the password on either, even if they try to beat the SETUP password out of you.

So what's your problem? Eh?

Unless you get some kind of kick out of changing the password incessantly. Run the computer and quit moaning.

Your system is now secure. Totally!

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I love that

by jdclyde In reply to <Basil Fawlty voice> Th ...


This is the stuff all the "dumbuser" and Luser stories come from.

Simple, call your friendly admin and they will clear out the password for you, but be prepared to be chastised for being stupid enough to "accidentally" do something that can't accidentally be done.

On the other hand, instead of being a dumb user, you could be some scumsuckingmotherlovingfleabitten thief that STOLE that system..... hmmmm, I guess that is a possibility, isn't it?

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Vineeth - Question to Reply

by cdstech69 In reply to how to remove bios passwo ...

If I understand correctly you have set a BIOS password. You can still boot and use the system, however you cannot access the BIOS.

Who is the manufacturer of the PC? I realize it has an intel motherboard. Is this a DESKTOP or LAPTOP.

If you can provide some further information, I am sure someone can assist you.

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