How to remove Goback?

By ypmok ·
During the installation of Norton SystemWorks 2006, there is an error and the installation is failed. Upon reboot of the PC, 2 out of the 4 hard drives disappear from the File Manager, Although they can be found in the hardware management. There is a failure code: gb_ui_support (1147) from Goback when reboot. No uninstall is available in the Add/Remove Program of Control Panel. How can I remove the Goback from my PC?


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There should be an option to remove

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to remove Goback?

All of System Works and I would suggest that you do this with every bit of System Works that has been loaded.

Once all of System Works has been removed you can try rebooting the computer to see if everything is working correctly again and if that doesn't cure the problem can you restore to an earlier point?

Unfortunately Norton's System Works is notorious for doing things like this if it installs the first time correctly you don't have a problem but if it fails on the install you can end up in all sorts of trouble that isn't easy to recover from.


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Inproper initial install

by ypmok In reply to There should be an option ...

Unfortunately, the initial installation failed. Now, there is no option to uninstall and no systemworks directory in the Program Files. Having browse around, it seems have to do with MBR. But I don't get it.
Could you advise?


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OK first things first

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Inproper initial install

The 2 missing drives do they show up in System Manager as OK and working?

There a couple of things that you can try if the 2 missing drives are not damaged and the first would be to run SFC from the Run Line. You'll need your original Install or Recovery Cd to do this but replace any altered files. This will remove any Patches & Service Packs that have been installed since the original OS was installed but it should clean up any problems with the File Structure.

If that doesn't work the next thing to try is a Repair Install by following the directions here

If that doesn't work you can try an In Place Install by following the directions here

Both of these should keep all of your existing software loads intact and working but if neither of these work you'll need to perform a Clean Install by wiping the Boot Drive and then performing a clean install to what is effectively a New/Blank HDD.

To wipe the HDD you can use a utility like Boot & Nuke available here


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