How to remove leftover Trend Micro files from Program files?

By sean.ipt ·
I've successfully uninstall all currently installed internet security programs. But there is still some leftover files in Program Files due to which i can't install a new Internet Security. How can i remove these files. please help

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Delete them manually ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to remove leftover Tr ...

Navigate to the directory they reside in, then delete the directory.

If deleting the directory fails - open the directory and delete from inside, then delete the empty directory itself.

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Or if you can not delete the Individual Files you may

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Delete them manually ...

Need to reboot in Safe Mode and delete them there while most of the system is not running.

Though if that is the case you are quite likely to get Registry Error Notifications when you restart Windows Normally. You may be required to Manually Edit the Registry to delete all reference to some files.


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Are you running the Antivirus or the Internet Security?

by DavetheDude In reply to Or if you can not delete ...

Also what operating system are running? 32 or 64bit?

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Thanks for reply

by sean.ipt In reply to Delete them manually ...

Thanks for the info. i've tried deleting them from registry editor and i think that is done with no mistake then i restarted the system. But i still can't install AVG Internet Securitu due to existence of Trend Micro. Please help.

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Do you know where the files are located?

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks for reply

If they're in the Programs folder then they may not have been deleted due to some part of Trend Micro still running in the task bar when you uninstalled it or some part of Trend Micro runs at startup. Double check the task bar and close anything that looks like Trend Micro then go to the files and delete them.<br>
If there is nothing in the task bar I'd download Sysinternals Autoruns from here: <br>
Run the program and CAREFULLY go through the list to see if any of the start items belong to Trend Micro. If they do simply uncheck them. Don't uncheck anything that you can't identify. There will be a lot of startup items, take your time. It's also a good time to clean up startup items that you don't need. Again, make sure that you don't need them.<br>
If the leftovers are in Programs with nothing in the task bar you can still delete them even if Windows says that they're in use. Go here to download Unlocker: <br>
There are several different tools to unlock files that are in use but Unlocker has almost always worked for me. After installing it simply highlight the file names within a folder and right click to unlock them/remove all handles then delete them. Then delete the folder(s).<br>
If you know where the files are and Unlocker won't work just say so and we can steer you to other tools.<br>
If none of that works I'd go to Start/Run and type in "services.msc" without the quotation marks. Again, carefully go through the list and disable any service that belongs to Trend Micro by double-clicking it and changing Startup Type to Disable and stop the service if it's running.<br>
Don't go crazy stopping startup items with Autoruns and don't disable any Services unless you're SURE that you don't need them. If you do uncheck or disable the wrong item you could easily make your computer unusable. If you're VERY careful you'll be fine.

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Problem Still Persists

by sean.ipt In reply to How to remove leftover Tr ...

"Access denied" was the error i used to get.

Micro Trend Folder has been successfully removed from Program files using Unlocker. Unlocker is indeed a wonderful program.

All Micro Trend related autoruns have been unchecked using Autorun.

Trend Micro Firewall has also been deactivated and uninstalled.

I can't find any TM related files in Programs and regedit now. There's nothing in taskbar.

But i still get the error "Potentially Incompatible Software" when i try to install AVG Internet Security after restarting the system. TM needs to be uninstalled first.

What shall i go for? Formatting... please help!!!

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What vesion?

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Problem Still Persists

What type of antivirus and version of TrendMicro is installed in your PC? Please give complete details.

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What vesion?

by Mehul Bhai In reply to What vesion?

I meant to ask which TrendMicro Product is installed in your system? OfficeScan Client OR AntVirus OR PCCillin OR Internet Security. OfficeScan Client has a different to uninstall than other products of TrendMicro.
Even go to for further help.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to How to remove leftover Tr ...

a small tool called unlocker to "unlock" the files you want to delete...

Or Start>RUN>(type)msconfig

check startup and services tabs for trendmicro software that is still "active" uncheck them and restrat, now try to delete the files...

NEXT TIME... don't use microsfts uninstaller, use "revo uninstaller" it runs a reg-cleaner after it uninstalls the software to completely remove it so this kinda thing doesn't happen... i would even suggest reinstalling the trendmicro software then use revouninstaller to uninstall it.

good luck

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