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how to remove public IP of ADSL router?

By lezec ·
Hello masters,
please would be somebody so polite to help me with my problem?
I have one ADSL router [Intracom jetSpeed 520i] with one public address/ and I would like to set it on the server behind this router - to the LAN like scheme:

| - now this address is occupied by this router
[ADSL router]
| - private ip address (class C by rfc 1** What should I give here?
| - I would like to setup that one public address here, how?
[linux BOX]
| - private address/mask
| - private address/mask

I tried to modify route table of ADSL router like:
route add -host [my one public address] gw [eth0 of ADSL router]
and setup eth0 of linux BOX like:
inet addr:[my one public address] Bcast:[my one public address] Mask:

But it seems, that this is a wrong way, or something missing, because tcpdump -nei eth0 of linuxbox don't show any data, when I try to connect and there of course coun't be two same IP addresses in the internet.
And I think, that NAT isn't solution because linux box will be a gateway for others computer in LAN (behind linuxbox). Or am I wrong?

Many thans in advance for any help to solve this problem.


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by Nico Baggus In reply to how to remove public IP o ...

This setup means you need to NAT twice,
once in your linux box and once in your modem.

between the modem and the linux box anything
will go, just a net work containing at least
four address will do,

f.e. on the modem/
and on the Linux

Then your internal lan could be or what ever.

For setting up stuff from the outside to the
inside you need to be able to tell the modem you
have a server inside. I'm not familiar with you
modem the method is called port forwarding.
Most modems allow you to either do this all
ports to one system, or strictly for a 10-some
of ports of a mixture.

In your case just forward anything to your linux
server. And you can use NAT portforwarding to
disect the incoming trafinc to your needs.

Kind Regards,
Nico Baggus

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