how to remove/re-install Outlook Express 6.0

By Ibicycle ·
I am having problems with Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0... when it checks for new email the window that pops up and shows progress stays open when finished. Also when ever I try to print a script error windows opens and it makes no difference whether I say continue running script or ignore nothing prints. By the way the printer works fine any other time. I am using XP media center edition. I wonder if uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook Express would help? I have tried the Microsoft instructions for removing and all that does is remove the shortcuts!!! I do not want to completely reinstall the operating system.

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Add/Remove Components

by TheChas In reply to how to remove/re-install ...

First, make sure that you know all of your mail account settings.

Second, I recommend that you back up your mail files. These are .dbx files in your user folder under Documents and Settings.

Open Settings, Control Panel.

Click on Add/Remove programs.
Click on add/remove windows components.
Uncheck Outlook Express.

Click ok.

After the process is complete, restart your computer at least twice.

Repeat the above process, but this time, check the box to install OE.

If that does not take care of things, try this site:

If that still does not take care of things, what I would do is switch to Mozilla Thunderbird.


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Only removes icon and shortcut

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Add/Remove Components

From one Chas to another, that won't remove Outlook Express.

Right click the OE shortcut, look at the Properties and notice the path to the OE executable. Go into Add / Remove and notice the Size field to the right of the component name. OE says 0 mb. Uncheck OE and reboot. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, look for the OE executable in the path from the first step. It will still be there. Delete the executable manually. After a few seconds, it will reappear.

There may be a way to permanently remove OE, Internet Explorer, and Windows Messenger but Add / Remove won't do it.

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There is...

by dawgit In reply to Only removes icon and sho ...

a way. But I would NOT recomend it. I have (sucessfully) done it on one machine, in XP-Pro. It's tricky to say the least. On any other version of XP, I wouldn't try it. It's (as IE) too ingrained in the OS. It will make the OS unstable.
Best solution here is to try to use the repair solution with the Original XP Software Disk. That might work.-d

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