How to remove the Network Unavailable Icon in the system tray

By WinHaven ·
Hi all,
I install, support, and maintain a lot of PCs. If they get them messed up enough I bring them back to my office. I have to deal with PCs that have dial-up connections. When I'm working on dial-up PCs in my office they get connected to a LAN that utilizes a high speed internet connection. I turn on the "show icon in notification area when connected" switch so that I know immediately if the PC has lost gained connection. This is kind of handy since I may have quite a few of them at a time.

Before I return the dial-up PCs I disconnect the LAN and check/re-establish dial-up networking. I also uncheck the "show icon in notification area when connected" and the "Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity" checkboxes under the LAN connection. The latter does not seem to have any effect.

The reason I would like to not have the icon there is because people get freaked out by the little icon with the red X through it. Hiding it is not good enough as they might expand the system tray and see it among the hidden items.

So, this question is simply about removing the icon in the sys tray for wired connections (it has nothing to do with the wireless networking).

Right now my only solution, short of removing the NIC is to disable the LAN connection in network connections. That seems a bit excessive to me. Registry hacks are acceptable.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How to remove the Network ...

For me, standard practice is to disable unused LAN connections.

You can also, remove the system tray icons by opening the Taskbar properties, enable 'Hide inactive icons' and click Customize and select Hide Always for those icons you do not want users to see (this is a per user setting).

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by WinHaven In reply to Disable

Hi P.J.
The disable does the keep the "no connection" icon from displaying and is what I'm stuck doing as the "always hide" only hides until the user clicks the double arrow on the system tray to reveal hidden icons. (So what it should be listed as is "always hide unless revealed" ) Unfortunately I am disabling someone else's network connection. This can get more complcated than the basic scenario I listed, this is not always acceptable.

Check boxes are generally regarded as on/off switches. The systray icon for "no connection" does not display until it is turned on. The issue is that it doesn't turn off - ever again. So in essence, unless the checkbox in network connection properties is broken, it should not be a checkbox - it should be a one time choice. I believe it is just broken, hence my thoughts that there must be a registry hack to turn it back off.

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ipconfig /all

by sgt_shultz In reply to Disable

have you confirmed which connection is actually displaying the red x'd icon?
does ipconfig /all show you a virtual connection that has 'media disconnected'
I have a feeling I am missing your point still, it's a little early in the morning here...
my kneejerk on this is that maybe it is better to find another way to check connectivity.
other thought on this is wouldn't this problem go away if you made a user profile for you to use for the repairs

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ipconfig /all

by WinHaven In reply to ipconfig /all

Yes I have confirmed the connection displaying the red X icon (numerous times). Although, posting "ipconfig" in your subject line got me thinking, maybe if I flushed the DNS cache, etc. the system would relent with the icon (?) I?ll investigate that.

Well your knee-jerk is something I've had too but simply put, I don't want to spend anymore time on these than I have to. The notification is built in and other than not being able to get rid of it after the fact works great. If you have an idea for something I could add to my initial scripts I would be open t that thought.

I use a KVM for all computers so I hot key between them all and having quick, easy, visual indicators of the pc status is important to this concept.

I've gone down the road of adding a new user profile, etc. Unfortunately, not everything can be corrected that way on an XPHE.

As far as understanding my point - you can duplicate it on your PC. Set your network connection to show when connected and notify when disconnected. Then disconnect your network. Then reconnect it. The network icon in the systray goes from two PCs to two PCs with a red X. Now set your network connection to not show when connected and not notify when disconnected. Save the settings and immediately the two PCs icon disappears. Then disconnect your network. The network icon with two PCs and a red X reappear. IOW you can't turn it off once it?s been turned on! Oh BTW you are stuck with it forever too ;-)

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DLL & Registry Tweak

by mrmalsah In reply to How to remove the Network ...

I know this is really old, but it hasn't as yet been solved.

The easiest and most effective method I have found is a two-step solution.

1. Use ResHacker to open %windir%\system32\netshell.dll and delete Icon Group 195. Rather than simply saving this change and risk causing damage to your system, save it under a different filename.

2. Using RegEdit, open
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{7007ACCF-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}\InProcServer32 and edit the (Default) string to point to your new DLL file.


This worked a charm for me.

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