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how to remove tweakui 2.1 from XP Pro

By BeachNet ·
Someone has installed TweakUi 2.1 on one of my PCs. They have hidden the control panel and hidden a lot of the icons and denied rights to a lot of the stuff like "run" "network places" etc

How do i uninstall if I cant get to control Panel and add remove programs. ( I seem to remember trying to uninstall from there a while ago - different pc - with no joy)

I am really looking for a manual uninstal walkthrough!



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by skpkrish In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...


If you can access explorer go to the command prompt by going to [Boot drive]\windows\system32\cmd.exe, and double click on it. Type appwiz.cpl in the DOS prompt, your add/remove programs option will be prompted to you.

I hope you will find a solution to your problem.


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by xcode In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

Search for *.cpl.
.cpl files are the applets in the Control Panel.

Once you have the applets, open them to customize whatever feature you wish to (including Add/Remove Programs).

Also ONLY if you are familiar with Registry you can go to HKLM-->MS-->Windows-->CurrentVersion-->Uninstall

find the software you wish to remove from your system (ctrl+F), delete the entry + restart the box.

Hope this helps.

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by saihib In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

Go to Start/Run, type in tweakui and hit enter. Then undo all the changes

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by sgt_shultz In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

when i need a manual uninstall that i can't find instructions for, i use a install monitoring program to watch and record exactly what happens during the install.
i bet all you need to do if the previous excellent suggestion doesn't work is to install tweakui on another xp box (in the same username profile to keep things easier) then find the missing cpl file and copy it back. because i think that is the poor man's way of 'securing' tweakui is to remove the control panel applet. i keep it on a floppy and just use it when i need it.
sounds like a battle is going on. keep it friendly eh?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

As no one else has mentioned this make sure that you are logged in with Admin Rights before you attempt to perform any of the above.

It should go without saying but from your description it appears that you currently lack the Admin Rights to perform this uninstall.


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by TheChas In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

Just a silly question, how do you know that TweakUI 2.1 is the source of your restrictions?

If this is a work or school PC, TweakUI may be on the PC to allow you to customize some aspects of the user interface. But group policies may be in place to restrict and limit what you can change.

If this is a home or personal PC, I would be looking for mal-ware, prank-ware, or a remote connection.

Another thing to keep in mind with utilities like TweakUI is that uninstalling the utility may not (and most likely won't) undo the changes made to your system!

TweakUI and similar tools are user interfaces to edit the registry and hidden system configuration files. The programs themselves do not hide or change your system configuration. They change registry keys and other settings to customize Windows as you desire.

Assuming you have full administrative rights, you need to first run TweakUI and enable the hidden features and settings before you uninstall it.

You should be able to access TweakUI from the Programs menu under Power Toys.


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by BeachNet In reply to how to remove tweakui 2.1 ...

I have an internet cafe - this has been installed on one of the pcs
none of the suggestions so far have been successful

I am logging in as an administrator

cant access ANY control panel

Tweakui - wont let me untick any of the options!

any ideas from here?

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