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    How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?


    by ravine12 ·

    Hi all,

    I have a Winxp pro pc running ie7 and I was on a website that asked for ActiveX permission to look at a video and when I clicked ok to allow the ActiveX software to install I was taken to a website for “VirusProtect Pro” and the adware was installed on my computer. I have an icon in my windows taskbar that looks alot like the shield for Windows Definder but it flashes between a redshield with a white X in teh venter and a blue shield with a questionmark in it and then every so oftern I get a popup bubble that says that my computer is infected with spyware and to click the icon to download updated software to remove it.

    When you click the icon it takes you to the VirusProtect Pro website so you can purchase there software. Does anyone know how I can get this off of my computer?

    I have “McAfee Security Center”, “Advanced Spyware Remover”, “xp AntiSpy”, “Spyware Terminator” “EX Cleaner” and “Abexo Free Registry Cleaner” installed on my computer and have run them all but nothing has removed this adware yet!

    Please help.
    Thanks in advanced

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      by ravine12 ·

      In reply to How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?


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      Almost 6 hours trying to kill Virus Protect Pro…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?

      I have spent 20 minutes short of 6 hours this afternoon trying to get rid of ‘Virus Protect Pro’ on an Advent NB, running Vista Premium.

      ‘Virus Protect Pro’ is itself a VIRUS. It installs itself when you visit questionable sites and proceeds to warn you about infections being present. It then attempts to persuade you to buy the ‘full’ version in order to rid yourself of these ‘infections’. All ‘infections’ are false and by the time your receive the warnings you are already infected by ‘Virus Protect Pro’

      There are a few ‘Virus Protect Pro’-killers available on the internet but unfortunately once the machine is infected, I personally found it impossible to install the killer-software, due to the level of infection.

      Safe mode proved unsuccessful too.

      Google for the software and try to install it. I cannot recommend any preference as I never got the opportunity to use any of them.

      I wasn’t successful and eventually had no alternative but to do a full format and reinstall of Vista.

      Hopefully you may have better luck!

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      Why not

      by gary56789 ·

      In reply to How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?

      give this a try?

      Be sure to let us know if it works or not.

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        User delay can be costly to the system…

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to Why not

        I think the User that came to me had stumbled around too long before seeking help.

        By the time I got hold of the NB there was no way to get into the OS. The pop-ups were so intense access to anything was impossible.

        Safe mode was also infected.

        Don’t quite know how there have been ‘net accounts of success when I couldn’t even manage to access the shell to install anything.

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          Don’t get me wrong

          by gary56789 ·

          In reply to User delay can be costly to the system…

          I have not actually had any experience with this. Just hoping it may work if anything crops up in the future.

          Usually with crapware, though, if you don’t delete it out pretty quickly, only a complete reformat/reinstall will really solve the problem. A fact you, as well as most of us, have experienced.

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          This infection was without doubt…

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Don’t get me wrong

          The most horrific attack I have EVER witnessed in ANY computer, going way back to 1976!

          I’ve never seen anything like it – it was quite frightening how ingrained it was, into the system. Every way I turned – it was still there!

          As you say, reformat/reinstall was the only solution left.

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      Finally removed it

      by anis.h ·

      In reply to How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?

      It took me some time to figure out how to remove this spyware/melware but finnaly i did thanks to this website:
      it does have all the info found in other sites but it include the new dll files and in my case it was the “zkpssqa.dll” so what i did was to search for the file names of the dlls in my case “zkpssqa.dll” and found it in the system32 tried to delete it but it didn’t work so i searched for it in the registry using regedit and found one trace of it so i deleted the enrty there were other entries in the search but you can forget about them. Afterwords, i ran the pc in safemode command propt and went to system32 and deleted that file “zkpssqa.dll” and after the restart the melware was removed and no traces found.
      Best regards!!!

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        I would just add – as a ‘watchword’…

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to Finally removed it

        Time is of the essence!

        What ‘anis.h’ has posted is good news.

        What you HAVE to realise is that he got to it in time – he STILL had access to his shell.

        The user that came to me had wasted so much time the shell had become inaccessible and reformat was the only recourse left.

        BE WARNED: Don’t waste time, get in there and eradicate it as soon as possible.

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      if you know..

      by toxicity-88 ·

      In reply to How to remove VirusProtect Pro spyware from my WinXP Pro pc?

      if you know please send me an email and tell me how to remove this .. thanks 😀

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