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how to remove "Windows2000 (default)"

By mbu71281-gen ·
Please read it carefully! I had windows 98, windows 2000 pro and windows 2000 serveron my hard disk. However, I planned to remove windows 2000 server and formatted that partition succesfully. Now, when I restarted my computer I found that "Windows 2000 (Default)" appeared when i had to select the operating system. I checked in boot.ini file found no traces on that line(windows 2000 (default). It has only Windows 98 and windows 2000 pro lines.

How should I remove this windows 2000 (default) line when selecting the operating system?????

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by willcomp In reply to how to remove "Windows200 ...

For Win2K

From the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel.

Double-click the System icon.

Click the Advanced tab, and then click the Startup and Recovery button.

You can choose the default operating system from the list.


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by rapell In reply to how to remove "Windows200 ...

RClick on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, choose properties. In the Properties dialog box, select the 'Advanced tab' (its the last one on the right), then choose the 'Startup and Recovery' button. You can then choose which OS you want to make default, or whether to display both or not, and for how long they should be displayed.
Hope this helps. You can also use Daltons method, they come to the same thing.

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by nd_clutch In reply to how to remove "Windows200 ...

If you had Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 server on your HD and you removed Windows 2000 server, you still have Windows 2000 Pro...correct? Then the "Windows 2000(Default)" you are seeing at bootup is probably pointing to the partition that contains Windows 2000 Pro, even though it doesn't actually say that at boot up. Open your boot.ini file again. See the line that mentions "Windows 2000(Default)". Everything that is contained within the quotes is simply a text label. You could change the "Windows 2000(Default)" to anything really. It's only a label for that boot partition. What's actually telling your PC to boot from Windows 98 or Windows 2000 is the information contained in the boot.ini file, just before that text. For example:


So, to answer your question, simply change the text in the boot.ini file to read "Windows 2000 Professional(Default)" instead of what it says now. Reboot and you should see that the selection at boot up has changed as well.

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