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How to repair JumpDrive casing ?

By KirkCamp ·
I have a PNY 256 MB Attache drive. I plugged it into the side of a Mac keyboard and after removing it, it busted the plastic casing for the device. Any good way anyone can think of to repair the device so the memory chip stays in the casing (Special glue, etc.). Thanks.

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by dmiles In reply to How to repair JumpDrive c ...
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by lyon_bleu In reply to How to repair JumpDrive c ...

Depending on where the breakage is, your best bet might be
heat-shrink teflon tape. Friction tape would work well, too, but I
would imagine that sooner or later the adhesive would start to



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by Tig2 In reply to How to repair JumpDrive c ...

JB Weld will repair just about everything forever. It is a two part epoxy so work fast.

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by TheChas In reply to How to repair JumpDrive c ...

A lot depends on how and where the plastic is broken.

If you can fit all the pieces together, the proper solvent bond (like model cement) is the best way to go. Plastics assembled with the proper solvent bonding agent can be stronger than the molded part.

I would avoid JB Weld and other "hard" epoxies if they will come in contact with the circuitry. This is because temperature changes can cause epoxy to damage leads or crack the parts.

For similar reasons, I would not use Teflon based heat shrink. It just takes too much heat to shrink Teflon. Regular heat shrink might work "if" you are careful not to get things too hot.

One option I might use would be silicone "RTV". You MUST use food or aquarium grade though. Standard RTV with the vinegar smell will corrode electronic circuits.

Without seeing the actual damage and parts, it is hard to make a definitive recommendation. Perhaps a combination of these options will work best.


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by bergmystr In reply to How to repair JumpDrive c ...

I had a very similar incident with a Lexar Jump Drive. Where I left it in the back of a laptop and flipped it up to read the serial number, which cracked the outer casing. To preserve the jump drive, I carefully cut along the two pieces of outer plastic (where they are joined from the factory). Them I removed the circuit board and connector, straightened them out. Them I placed the board back into the caseing, placed both ends together and wrapped in duck tape. It doesn't look very pretty but gets the job done.

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