How to repair runtime error?

By cdwright1 ·
I was on website movieunderworld, when my browser shut down due to runtime error, I haven't caught the number of the error, tho I am currently back on site, waiting for it to happen again. I've run Regcure, no errors, and I ran dial-a-fix, still no change, and I haven't had any virus or malware. Was hoping to find another solution before performing system restore, which seems to be everybody's first response- would like to try to fix myself, thank you.

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what browser you using?

by Snuffy09 In reply to How to repair runtime err ...

if its an IE issue try reinstalling it

or insert your windows xp disc (if you are running xp) and go to the command console and type sfc /scannow

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Thanx for your suggestion.

by cdwright1 In reply to what browser you using?

I have IE, then also downloaded mozilla, enlarged virtual memory, gave up and ran system restore, which also didn't work, so I REALLY gave up, transferred my files/settings, and reloaded pc from factory settings using the discs. THIS TIME I created restore points, which I didn't do before, because my sys restore wouldn't turn on. I recently discovered a fix for that on dial-a-fix- love that tool. Anyways, so far so good. I suspect the culprit was the divx player for windows I downloaded. I re-installed it after I reloaded pc & I noticed some errors w/invalid whatevers during install. So I and was forced to run a chkdsk to bandage it up. P.S. Do you know where I can go to find a list of all the command prompt abbreviations and what they do? The only one I know is msconfig. My chkdisk runs automatic on reboot. Thank you VERY much, whether you know or not!

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XP Command line reference

by IC-IT In reply to Thanx for your suggestion ...
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command line ref.

by cdwright1 In reply to XP Command line reference

Thank YOU, Just what I've needed! I feel like somebody just gave me an inside tip on the winning race... Sincere and humble thank you. cdwright.

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runtime error

by cdwright1 In reply to How to repair runtime err ...

Just an afternote. Found out that runtime errors occur for two main reasons: an app didn't download/ install properly, causing a memory leak, OR, you are out of room in your virtual memory, and need to tweak on it. Just be careful when you do- look up the ratio... I think I read that it should be sized 1.5(?) x your actual memory. But what you do also depends on the size of the disc. I use a notebook/netbook, which has very little memory capacity to begin with. I happened to be messing w/ defrag @ the same time and noticed that depending on what I set my virtual memory @, was creating unmoveable files, so I personally had to set my virtual memory @ O MB pagefiles, which in turn took care of the unmoveable files (pagefile.sys files), increased my physical memory, and so far, my runtime error issues. The end result varies on your memory size and how you use your system.. I read somewhere not to open bunch of windows apps(?) I don't remember... Just when you play with your pagefile size, keep track of how it's affecting your system by (a) running analyze on disc defrag, BEFORE you start, and AFTER each experimental tweak. (b) moniter your pc's performance for any further runtime errors. But all that is if the runtime error is the result of your virtual memory size. If that's not the case, then something you downloaded/installed is probably the culprit. In which case you need to figure out which one it was, uninstall it, then try reinstalling it from a more reputable website/link, or installing a different, more reputable version. Before I figured out that it was the size of my v. memory, I took the long road and reloaded my system from factory settings (I was out of physical memory 'cause I had my system restore memory settings set too high, which ate up all my memory in a matter of days!) And had to physically start from scratch, extremely painstaking! But I secretly enjoy messing around on my pc, and then learning how to fix the issues that arise! Anyways, good luck, and happy tweaking!

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