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How to Replace a IDE HD with a SCSI HD?

By acolville ·
I want to replace the IDE HD in a Win NT4.0 server with a SCSI drive. What is the best way to achieve this?

I have used Xcopy to transfer the files, inlcuding the system files but the disc does not boot!

All help/advise gratfully recieved!

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Try "Diskcopy" from Power Quest

by nottooshabby In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

I am assuming your SCSI hd is already installed and working, since you were able to XCopy into it AND you were able to direct the BIOS to make the SCSI hd your "BootUP" device, hence the bootup failure. IF both assumptions are right, you may want totry using Partition Magic's Discopy utility which has worked for me when backing a C drive IDE to IDE. However, I've never used it IDE to SCSI, but I believe it should work just fine.

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Copy Utilities and NTFS partitions

by dsmart In reply to Try "Diskcopy" from Power ...

Not all Copy utilities will work with NTFS partitions if this is one. ImageCast or Symantec's Ghost work best for any type of Cloning of an O/S. Also when cloning an NT Server the SID has to be unique unless the Server is being replaced, either the Hard drive or compete Server. A seperate Utility like Ghost Walker will provide an unique SID.

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by SteveL2002 In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

Did you make the partition of the new disk Active? If not, what kind of error(s) are you getting or any?

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RE:How Replace a IDE HD with SCSI HD?

by fsalazar In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

1) Install WinNT 4.0 in SCSI HD
2) Boot from Win NT fron IDE HD
3) Backup SO (Complete)
4) ReBoot from Win NT of SCSI HD
5) Restore SO
6) If necesary, re-create info User and group
If you have a PDC, first, promove de BDC.

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How to replace a IDE HD witha SCSI HD

by precious2dmosthigh In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

Why do you want to change to a SCSI HD?
Do you mean that you move the files to this new drive? You need to do a fresh installation unto this Hard drive before you copy the files over. You need to specify a ScSI device when you're installing NT4. Copying the files over will not work.

Let me know if you need help with installation.

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Replace IDE with SCSI drive

by richritter In reply to How to replace a IDE HD w ...

Why would you want to do this?

It is a better thought and move to leave the IDE in place, with -=ONLY=- the NT operating system on it, and install the SCSI drive as added storage.

This makes FUTURE troubleshooting much easier... and... allows you to use the "standard" FAT16 for the boot drive, then use NTFS to keep the rest optimized. We have 50+ servers in my enterprise built this way... Ever try to "boot" an NT box to get into the boot drive to run diagnostics with a "boot" disk??NT can do it, but I have found that using a standard boot disk is a lot easier (and MUCH, MUCH faster).


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Install a second copy of NT on the SCII

by bobj4172 In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

I have moved a server from one set of drives to another set of drives. Ghost couldn't detect the scsi disk array. I repointed the drive array to boot to the new drives. Installed a copy of NT in a different share name. I booted from the new copy, copied the old files to new drives, pointed the boot.ini to the copied version of NT, and rebooted. This worked like a champ. I left the extra copy of NT on the server, in case it was ever needed.

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Try Norton's Ghost Program

by aggdaddy In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

I have done numerous backups with the Ghost program. Works like a charm. Although my transfers were IDE to IDE. So I'm not sure if it will go as flawlessly. Also my transfers were of NT4.0 Workstation. But still worked like a charm.

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Another suggestion

by ijusth In reply to How to Replace a IDE HD w ...

Not that in some cases, ou need to go into the BIOS, turn of the hD (to none) then go into the BIOS of the SCSI drive itself and tell IT to be a bootable unit.

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Moving boot drive from IDE to SCSI

by acolville In reply to Another suggestion

Thanks for the various suggestions, i eventually tracked the answer down in the Resource Kit.

SCSI drives require a file in the root partition called 'ntbootdd.sys' which is the SCSI driver file renamed. If this file is not present it will fail with a 'Operating system not found'

The procedure that i used, which worked! was...

1) install new SCSI drive ID=6 (ie not boot)
2) Partition drive f: (FAT) and G(NTFS)
3) XCOPY C: f: /H /I /C /K /E /R
4) XCOPY d: g: /H /I /C /K /E /R
5) Copy SCSI driver to F and rename to 'ntbootdd.sys'
6) shut down and remove IDE drive
7) Change ID of SCSI drive to 0 and re-boot

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