How to replace laptop hard drive?

By grisha ·
I acquired brand new hard drive (160 GB) for my Lenovo z60m laptop, to replace my existing 40 GB hard drive which is full. Please advise as how I can copy my OS (XP Professional) + programs/files to the new hard drive?

Many thanks in advance, GregC.

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You will need something extra.

by bsmith523 In reply to How to replace laptop har ...

The easiest way would be to somehow connect the new drive to the laptop while it is still using the old drive. You will need a 2.5" HDD enclosure. You don't need the actual enclosure but the connectors on the device so that you can connect the new drive to the USB port of the laptop. Once the new drive is recognized, just copy everything from the old drive to the new drive. If you have a backup program that will make sure it gets every file. You can just copy everything from windows explorer but sometimes hidden files and system files might not get copied, but you can always try. Once everything is copied, turn off your laptop, take out the old drive and put in the new one. Boot up the laptop and if the copying got the hidden and system files it should boot normally. You will not see a difference except for the extra free space you now have. If it doesn't work then the copying missed the hidden and system files. Get a backup program and try again.

There is a harder way if you don't have an enclosure. Let me know if you would like those instructions.

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Will not work

by ozi Eagle In reply to You will need something e ...


Just copying the files will not work.

You need an imaging / cloning program to have your system on the new disk.

Connect the new drive via a USB adaptor, as suggested above.

Try Acronis, which has a 15 day free trial, from here


Good luck


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One other option

by Langlier In reply to Will not work

Is to use norton ghost and ghost your HD to optical media. Then use that media to set up the new HD.

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What i'll do

by AruJammer In reply to How to replace laptop har ...

First of all i'll backup my important folder/files and ofcourse all my folders under my accountname in C;/documents and settings on a DVD

I'll start a fresh clean installation for XP ,update and installing my fav programs.

Restore from my dvd (copy/paste)

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Yes thats the easiest way but

by Steffi28 In reply to What i'll do

From the context of the question I gather he doesnt have an extra copy of windows, maybe if you use the boot cd that came with your laptop and do the copy files from dvd then, or maybe I read the question wrong.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to How to replace laptop har ...

only way to do it is to use an imaging tool. These Notebooks are not supplied with CD's. The OS is on a Hidden Partition on the Drive.
Do as suggested in previous posts. If you are not competent to do this get in touch with your local tech shop. They should be able to clone the drive an set it up for you.

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