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how to reply to a question

By Bracken66 ·
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I am confused
I have asked a technical question and had a reply. I now want to reply to this but have found no way of doing so. How do i reply please
Firefox V82
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Look for the Reply link

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to how to reply to a questio ...

toward the lower right below the answer you wish to reply to. There should be a link for "Best answer" and above that will be the reply, as well as a vote link.
That is if everything works according to plan!

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Interesting !!

by Bracken66 In reply to Look for the Reply link

What you describe is what I would have expected - But - I do not have any of these buttons, which is why I am confused. I have now put this forum link into an old version of Chrome, which I still have on my PC from years ago, and have the buttons, hence this reply.

Now to find out what is wrong with Firefox, or rather what else is wrong with Firefox.


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Hehe, Firefox...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Interesting !!

I more or less gave up a bit over a year ago on FF
when I started having problems with their reliance
on pulseaudio in Linux. Switched to Palemoon,
which is based on older FF.

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by Bracken66 In reply to Hehe, Firefox...

Looked at Palemoon years ago but it was too new to do many things. I will look at it again. Like many people I am fed up with Firefox, or rather the developers. Every time they upgrade it !!! they break it and it takes ages, if at all, to get it working properly again. I was brought up in industry with the motto - if it aint broke don't fix it. At least there is an easy way now to stop it upgrading rather than the hacking it used to require.

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A test

by BOB.B In reply to how to reply to a questio ...

Restart FF with add-ons disabled.

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Sorry for all the dupes

by BOB.B In reply to A test

Had a bout of the vanishing post.

(I fixed it Bob...Wiz)

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Firefox problem

by Bracken66 In reply to A test

Yes !!!!!!
I already tried disabling add-ons one at a time.
The answer was Ghostery - it seems to think the reply links are some sort of advert or tracker - weired

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Reply link......

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Firefox problem

Is not an advertisement link, but it could have an effect on your computer's cookies instead. Ghostery may have been a little aggressive trying to block cookies. I have no experience with that application so I don't have any specific advice.

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that's the reason I haven't installed it.

by nopremx In reply to Reply link......

Commenters said it could be heavy-handed.

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