How to resize network drive in Win 7 Ultimate?

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I still have over 85 GB of free allocated space for my offline files (csc); however, one of my network shares is almost out of space while several others are nearly empty (with respect to their sizes). How can I alter these network drive sizes, and why are none of them the same size?

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Network Management

by TheChas In reply to How to resize network dri ...

The amount of space you have on a network drive is determined by the policy and quotas that were setup when the network drives were configured. Your quota on a network drive can be nearly full even if the drive itself has a lot of free space on it.

The administrator that manages the server is the only one who can change the size of your network shares. If you need more space on a network drive you are going to have to request the space from the network administrator.

The best thing you can do is review the network storage policy and make sure that you are storing your files on the correct network drive for the type of file. The next thing to do is review your files and delete duplicates and files that no longer have value or importance.

Even if this is your home network, you cannot change the network drive size from your user computer. You need to change the allocations and perhaps drive size on your server or storage appliance.


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the chas is right -

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He beat me to the answer.

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