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how to resize system partition?

By X_engine ·
I have a large hard drive, almost 4TB, but the space on partition C: is not enough now! I know many software can do repartition, but few will support the disk over 2TB. Need some suggestion!!!
OS: Windows Server 2003 SP2

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resize system partition

by Bop-Cat In reply to how to resize system part ...

hey xengine,4tb is some large capacity hard device. server partition management software needs to be reliable, or else your important info would be destroyed.Google it with server partition manager, and you will find many partition management software. After checking on some reviewer's guides, i find partition master is your luck. here the link may help u to follow:

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by X_engine In reply to resize system partition

thank you very much, this software works well. cheap and simple to use.
i like it.

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useful info

by strong2011 In reply to how to resize system part ...

yes, now more and more big disks come out and system partition is easily to be full unconsciously. Tranferring data from system partition to another partition is not an easy way. If we have a resizing software is a good choice, what's more, some partition manager softwares have more functions than we need.
Thank your for your info. It's useful.

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Repartion existing drive to insolate system and files

by Xandr In reply to how to resize system part ...

Just wondering if it is possible to isolate my existing Windows 7 so it is the only item on the drive and transfering all other applications and files to a second partition. I have two partition 1 tb divided equally the second hard drive used for storage now. I don't want to have to create more partitions. Thank you

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You can do it

by NickNielsen In reply to Repartion existing drive ...

But you will have problems. Many Windows applications don't react well to being installed on a different partition from the operating system, and others will not give you the choice. For full isolation, you should have three separate drives with at least one partition each: operating system (boot) partition, applications, & data.

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You can sove the problem with tips as fellows

by zxfhacker In reply to how to resize system part ...

Just use the software PowerQuest PartitionMagic9.0

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