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How to Resolve Error’s In SQL Server:

By cathrinegarcia24 ·
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SQL Server is the mostly preferred Database management application in the enterprise environment. This management application provides a good managing, storing and data manipulation utility for the SQL database. But the unfortunate trauma is that this application is not immune to corruption. Mainly SQL server database support three type of file formats for database storage. For the primary database mdf file format, ndf for the secondary database and ldf for the log data files. SQL server is prone to main Errors some caused due to corruption of database file and some due to hardware problem. Below I am discussing some frequently occurred Error’s in SQL Server.

1. ERROR 8940: This SQL Error is mostly caused due to database corruption .This error occurs in 2 states, state 9 and state 102. State 9 occurs when there is a inaccurate alignment of the free space offset and state 102 occurs due to inaccurate page alignment.
The error can be solved using manual solutions such as DBCC CHECKDB command, backup restoration and running hardware diagnose. For more details can visit

2. ERROR 8646 & 644: These two Errors are familiarly associated and caused due to delete action against or in the table. These errors hinder the proper functioning of SQL Server.
These error can be solved using the same manual method explained above and for more can visit

3. ERROR 5228: This error is also caused by the database corruption and can be solved by using one of the above mentioned manual methods. For more details

So both the above discussed errors are one of the errors which hinder the SQL Server database and caused due to SQL database corruption.

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