How to resolve network share mapping

By LedMatrix ·
School enviroment. Windows Server 2003. Windows XP SP3 workstations.

There is a class with 8 PCs, but there are 40 individual user accounts. Each user logs on with their own logon credentials. 3 Of these PCs are having issues with mapped drives to network shares. I can go through every user account on a PC, disconnect the map drive, reconnect and reboot and everything is fine. But if the same user logs on to ANOTHER computer, accesses that same share, then goes back to the original PC, access to the share is denied with a messages stating there may already be someone logged into that share with that logon.

1) On other PCs we can have mutiple logons in these shares with the other PCs, no problem

2) It will do this even when the user completely logs out of the machines and shuts it OFF.

ANy help would be appreciated. If you need further clarification on something, let me know.

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by LedMatrix In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

Even if it's a wild shot in the dark?

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by brian In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

Does this happen with EVERY user on the PC or just particular users? I know you said you can "reset" the 40 accounts, however, have you experienced this with all users on that particular PC(s) If so, you can try deleting their stored account information on the PC under the Documents and Settings folder and see if that helps resolve. If it does, you may be able to set a shutdown/log off script to remove the local stored informaiton on log off.

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Every one

by LedMatrix In reply to ok....

Yes, it's every user. Need to remap their drives every time. WHen they log on the map drive is still there, but it's inacessable. Need to disconnect map drive and remap.

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another thing

by brian In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

If the above doesn't work, you may want to completely format and re-load one of the three PCs to see if it makes a difference. There may be something corrupt in windows (though i would try doing a repair install first to save you the hassle of having to completely re-do everything).

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All PCs

by LedMatrix In reply to another thing

The same issue is happning on all the lab PCs. So it's not juyst one machine.

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Computer account? Possibly?

by BeyondITall In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

I have never encountered this problem before. This is my "shot in the dark" for you to try.

Let me recap your situation to see if I understand the problem:

1 domain
1 server running Windows Server 2003
8 workstations running WinXP SP3
40 domain user accounts
5 of these workstations that have no issues with any of the 40 domain users accessing the domain shares
3 of these workstations that have no issues with any of the 40 domain users accessing the domain shares the first time but not again until the workstation is rebooted

I would like to, for the sake of argument, name the workstations PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6, PC7 and PC8.

PC1 - no issues
PC2 - No issues
PC3 - no issues
PC4 - No issues
PC5 - no issues
PC6 - issues
PC7 - issues
PC8 - issues

PC1 - PC5 have no issues. PC6 - PC8 have the same issues. Since all 40 domain users can access all domain shares without issue on 5 of the workstations I am inclined to believe that this is not a user rights or privileges issue. I am more inclined to believe that this a computer account issue. We need to work with just one PC for now. Let us start with PC6 to try to resolve the issue and then apply the fix to PC7 and PC8, if I have the fix.

This is how I would approach this problem:

Backup any needed data on PC6
Make sure you have a local admin account on PC6 and can access it.
I would login as the domain admin on PC6 and delete any domain user accounts including the user accounts files on PC6. Make sure to remove the roaming profiles as well if you are using roaming profiles.
I would then join PC6 into a workgroup ( unjoin from the domain ) and reboot PC6
Check the server and delete the PC6 computer account, if it still exists
Login as the local admin on PC6
Change the Computer Name and reboot
Login as the local admin and rejoin the domain and reboot
Login as domain admin and set the domain users local computer rights and privileges
Map your shares and test access

Hopefully this will resolve your issue and you can apply this fix to the other two workstations. Should it not then an erase and reload may be your only option but it sure seems to be the computer account that is causing the problem.

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I agree with c.rankn - computer account issue.

by dave In reply to Computer account? Possibl ...

Wonder if there is a setting in local security policy that is causing the problem.

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I'll give it a try

by LedMatrix In reply to Computer account? Possibl ...

Thanks man. I'll give that a try.

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multiple logons using same credentials to same shares

by Screen Gems In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

that's really the issue. If the user logs on and accesses a mapped drive using their credentials, then goes to another computer, logs on and accesses the same mapped drive using the same credentials is denied, it's possibly a shared folder rights issue.

If the user logs off the first machine, they should be able to access the mapped drive to a share on the second machine their logged on to and trying to access the share.

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You've tried

by Kenone In reply to How to resolve network sh ...

net use /persistent:no
and then rebooting right?

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