How to resolve the "Master File Table Corrupted" problems?

By ferraritm ·
I have an ACER notebook with a 120GB Harddisk, system running on Windows XP SP2, and default partitions are:
1st partition): 4GB - PQSERVICE (for running eRecovery,
2nd partition): C Drive - 56GB - Windows XP system "FAT32" (Marked as Active),
3rd partition): D Drive - 60GB - "FAT32" (Logical Drive).

Recently, I upgraded my harddisk to a 160GB size, and the eRecovery (PQSERVICE) partition unable to clone over. I have another 2 external USB harddisk 120GB and 100 GB, and so I tried to create only 1 single partition, 160GB size as C: Drive with NTFS, and the others 2 external disk as Drive and E: Drive.

I still need to use the Recovery Disc to reinstall the Windows XP and also additional preloaded softwares and applications.

Now, the problem is that after the recovery completed, my C: Drive shows as 160GB of "FAT32". I know it will not work with certain Windows Updates. I convert the C: Drive from "FAT32 to NTFS", and it works.

Lately, I realized that the system frequent hangs, despite I have the Maximum of RAM 4GB.

I run NTFS4DOS to check the partition, and it stated that my C: Drive partition Master File Table Corrupted, Checkdisk CHKDSK aborted. While the others 2 external harddisk partition are ok. My C Drive partition is working, but requent hangs.

Anyone knows what is happening, and how can I fix this "C: Drive partition Master File Table Corrupted, Checkdisk CHKDSK aborted." problems?
Many Thanks.

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Wipe the drive and start again

by Jacky Howe In reply to How to resolve the "Maste ...

create a Primary Partition with a size equal to 32768. Do not Format the drive. Reinstall the OS and use Disk Management to create an Extended Partition and the addd your Logical drives.

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Also check the HDD for correct Function

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to resolve the "Maste ...

Here you need to use the HDD Makers Testing Utility and since you didn't mention who made the HDD that you fitted you'll have to look yourself for this


Ideally if the Drive fails the test you should remove it fit it to another computer and test again. If it passes now you have a Faulty M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply with the original computer.

If it still fails you have a Faulty HDD that need to be replaced.

Of course if it passes you can then proceed to wipe the HDD with a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke


Then proceed with the reinstall of the OS.


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issue resolved.

by ferraritm In reply to How to resolve the "Maste ...

hello all,
problems resolved by using "testdisk".

pls visit "http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download" to download and more infos.


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Active@ File Recovery

by Mark Colan In reply to How to resolve the "Maste ...

One of my data drives, NTFS SATA, suddenly became unreadable because of a corrupt Master File Table. chkdsk /f is unable to correct it.

Somewhere I saw that someone with this problem tried Active@ File Recovery and successfully recovered their files. The free tryout version showed the files that were still there (essentially all of them), but without paying $35 for a license, it recovers only up to 64k.

I decided to pay the $35 and have successfully recovered a few files (as an experiment). Now I am running it over the whole (500gb) disk and preparing to recover the lot. It is also finding files that were deleted, though I don't think I care about those.

In your case, you should buy a new hard drive and build a new system disk. Mount your corrupted drive as a secondary disk and run a file recovery utility. When the files are identified, copy them to the new system disk as makes sense. But: I recommend you reinstall everything you can the way you did before rather than counting on recovery.

I have no affiliation with the company that makes Active@ File Recovery, other than as a licensed user.

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