how to resolve "windows no disk" error in windows xp

By roshielle_26 ·
i have difficulties in my windows xp, windows-no disk error keep on popping up on my windows theres 3 button,cancel,try again, continue, but NO either of the 3 when i click works, pls i need someone help me to resolve it beside in reformating os.

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Re: Windows no disk "error".

Are you loading Windows Xp onto "SATA" drives?.
If so when you load the winxp disk in to your dvd drive have the "sata" drivers (floppy disk) ready, when asked for the raid drivers (F6 or F2) you will have to load on the floppy disk and then follow the instructions.
I hope this helps you.

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Try this solution

by Improbulus In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

Changing the drive letter assignments of your drives with removable media - CD, DVD, Zip, card reader etc - has helped a lot of people.

It certainly worked for me. No uninstalling, unplugging etc necessary.


Hope that helps.

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Check the drives!

by muwalofra In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

Try to update your drives, especially the floppy drive! If you can't, just diable the driver!!!

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Re: "Windows no disk" error in windows xp

If you can not correct the "error" then get another harddrive and install the operating system on to the new disk then when loaded you can then access your applications and files from the other drive, what ever you do make sure to "DISABLE" your old drive first (take the cable off the drive) so as not to over-write while loading on the operating system.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Solution to Windows no disk error

by alansh In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

Ctrl / Alt / Delete and bring up processes.

Clear the no disk pop up that's been constantly popping up - they usually come up 3 at a time --- clear them all out.

Write down the first process exactly as it's listed. Right click that top process. Select end process.

Wait... If the "No disk" pops up again - clear it out - write the next process down - right click end process - and then wait again. Do this until the "No disk" does not pop up anymore.

My culprit process was wintask.exe - and I had to get rid of it. Here's how to do that:

Look up the file on google and make sure it's something you can do without. In my case I googled wintask.exe and found it to be a virus.

Then go to google and look up trend micro's Hijack this. Download and start -- select open and create a log.

Go to the text log and search (under edit at the top) the text file log for the process that you identified creating the trouble.

Once you find the line starting the process go to the main screen, locate it, and put a check next to it. Then go to the bottom and choose fix items.

Finally search the system for the .exe file under file search. When it comes up rename every instance of it as .old instead of .exe. This way if you need it it will still be there.

Best of luck.

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solution for "Windows No Disk Error"

by technicalsinha In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

Hi Friend,

This type of error is coming because of spyware. It seems that your computer has spyware and you have to remove the virus. The best one is Ad-Aware

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This is probably a virus

by Gungagugujguju In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

I use Trend Office SCan 8. this virus/malware tends to appear the minute u plu in a flsh usb drive. Also your Folder Options,disappears.

I used some registry strings to delete/stop the process from running. Also on Registry look for this file DIRSYS.EXE and delete it.

You can also use PROCESS EXPLORER and DR Delete DR.

Hope this helps

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This is an OLD post from 2007. :)

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Baffled by all other explanations

by bbcomputers In reply to how to resolve "windows n ...

I read all of these explanations, and I tend not to believe any of them. This error (for me) started popping up when I cleared out a bunch of temp files with a file cleaning utility. The hard drive is still in tact, and programs work, it is just an annoying message popping up all of the time. I am going to get to the bottom of it.....ok I got it. This particular computer has a bunch of front panel card readers. They are all labeled "Removable Disk". Well I put a usb key into the back panel usb port, and it showed up on one of these "removable disk" spots, and remained being called that. I changed the name, and shortly started happening. I tried to change it back, and it would not let me type the entire name "Removable Disk"...huh?? ((Scratched head)) Rebooted System, the name "Removable Disk" was restored. Someone in this forum did write that it had to do with the card reader names, and he was correct - spot on in fact.

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