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how to restart the nt machine automatica

By msgupta9 ·
how to restart the nt server machine automatically daily in a specific time?

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by SyscoKid In reply to how to restart the nt mac ...

Easy. Use the AT command or Task Scheduler coupled with shutdown.exe from the resource kit.

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You should not need to do this!

by davidpmartin In reply to how to restart the nt mac ...

The first answer is correct - but why are you doing this? NT (both the 4.0 with SP6 and W2K server) is stable - I got machines that are used very heavily and I have not had to reboot for seven months or longer. I have found that what causes NT instability is not the OS but it's sloppily written application programs that hog memory, leak memory, or otherwise use NT system resources very poorly. NT unfortunately at some point will allow these programs to rob from OS system memory.

How to fix this with out doing reboots? (which is brute force system administration, IMHO) Install the appropriate NT resource kit, and use either the task manager or a third party utility like Hyena to manage system resources. If you find an offending program that is using too much memory, rather than doing a reboot, go to the command line, do a pulist to find the PID of the offending process, and then issue a kill xxx command, where xxx is the PID number.

Works for me everytime!

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