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    How to restore a crashed Vista OS on a HP Laptop when recovery CD no work?


    by rmhigson ·

    hi, I did not receive any Vista OS CD with this laptop 2 yrs ago, so burnt a HP recovery DVD as directed in the manual. All ok with that. Laptop gave BSOD and working cursor nothing more one day when restarted after MS update. Booting off HDD gets as far as ‘microsoft’ little moving bar, then blue BSOD screen of death, same result with Recovery DVD, says window repair needed first but only gets as far as BSOD or Black SOD. Have d/loaded and booted with UBCD and Ubunto CD and can see partitions but HDD test gives read errors. So i have a toasted HDD or fast on the way out. When I get a new HDD fitted how can I restore Win Vista that i paid for when i bought laptop? Thanks for any

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