How do I restore an App from iTunes, no longer available on App Store.

By Keith429 ·
Tags: Apple
I have an old (5 yrs+) working App on an Iph 4 that has since been upgraded & replaced by the developer on the App store. I want to show the special features of the old app to potential developers as an example of an app i want to get developed. I need to secure it on a few Iphones or any device/format/file type so I can show its features. It is no longer in my itunes list of purchases. When I back up & restore to a 2nd iPh4 from iTunes it gives the newer version so I tried to do it off line using a direct cable, ph to itunes. That only partly restored it as it 'waiting' on the install, I have redone it several times but it still hangs/waiting. I have 'erased data & settings' each time I try to restore it. There are no other apps or data that I need to keep on the ph., just this one app. How can I do it ? thanks
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