How to restore keyboard and mouse?

By padterp ·
After trying to clean up some viruses on a friend's computer, I either quarantined or deleted some files for the keyboard and mouse drivers. I do not have an xp recovery disk for this machine. I have a different version of xp not home edition on another machine. If I did I would just do a restore. The mouse and keyboard work while in DOS or BIOS but, once XP starts to load, they are dead. I have been able to download the exe files for the drivers to that computer via knoppix, but I can not execute them to reload the drivers. This computer has a user password that has to be entered to load either "safe mode" or "normal" mode. I have tried loading a slipstream version of xp from my other machine, but it still does not load. I have even tried a remote desktop connection, but apparently that feature is turned off as I could not connect. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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try using a different

by Sue T In reply to How to restore keyboard a ...

are they ps2 or are you using usb keyboard and mouse? try connecting a mouse and/or keyboard of the connector type you are not now using and see if that will work. You could also boot while pressing F8, select the option to go to a command prompt and run system restore from there. I don't have those directions in front of me and it has been a long time since I did it so I do not recall the exact steps but you should be able to google it. Good luck.

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by padterp In reply to try using a different

Both the keyboard and mouse are ps2. I currently do not have access to a usb mouse or keyboard. I have tried the F8 procedure. When I to do that, I still have to go through the XP password, which I can not enter as the keyboard is non-responsive by that point. I thinking I may just have to break down and get a restore disk.

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just go on following link

by mangesh@13 In reply to How to restore keyboard a ...
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by padterp In reply to just go on following link

This procedure assumes you can get into XP. I am not able to get into XP past the login screen as the keyboard is non-responsive before the login screen appears.

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How to restore keyboard and mouse?

by waynearcelectcom In reply to How to restore keyboard a ...

I'm thinking that is a function of the Mother Board BIOS

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Try to boot up to the disk prompt

by databaseben In reply to How to restore keyboard a ...

it's likely that the o.s. is corrupted and the keyboard and mouse issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

in any case, the point where the keyboard and mouse stops working is actually the point when the registry loads.

so what you can do is to restore the registry or execute a system restore via a xp bootable cd's recovery console.

here are the steps:

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Reponse To Answer

by padterp In reply to Try to boot up to the dis ...

Hi, Thanks for your info. I have determined that, yes, the o.s. has been corrupted as now, I can not boot windows in any fashion. Safe Mode hangs on one of the drivers. I saw a bulletin on the Microsoft Website there is a work around but, one has to get into XP or the Recovery Console to do it. Additionally, I can not get past the Administrator password in the Recovery Console. I have blanked it several times using several different tools that I have found on the internet, but with out success. I also found there is a bulletin on this subject too. Apparently, if the o.s. was installed using an image file this can happen. I can get in to the partitions to re-install XP. However, I have never do that before. I have always been able to do a "repair install" and that feature apparently is not available to me even using the Dell Recovery Disk.

Thanks for your help.

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Mouse and Keyboard Drivers

by pcrx_greg In reply to How to restore keyboard a ...

If you have any version of Windows XP recovery disk, you can start the PC using the recovery disk and then instead of installing the operating system select repair. If you have a floppy drive or USB thumb drive you can copy the following files from any XP machine: kbdclass.sys, mouclass.sys and i8042prt.sys. All of these files are found in the C:\windows\system32\drivers folder and after copying them to the removable media you need to copy them into the same folder on the damaged machine. I hope that this helps.

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