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    How to restore VHD file data ?


    by andrewmanson1994 ·

    can anyone tell what are the reasons of VHD file corruption? How to restore valuable data from it ?

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      Restore Most crucial data from VHD file

      by dannieljones1994 ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      If you want to restore your most valuable data from the Virtual hard disk file then I found an informative article for you to restore VHD file data.
      Here is the link
      In case if you are unable to restore data from the VHD file then you can prefer a professional solution that is VHD recovery software. This software is built with an advanced set of algorithms to restore most valuable data easily and efficiently. For more info, the user can check at

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      How to restore VHD file data ?

      by dbcomp ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      To attach or mount an existing VHD, open Device Manager and select Disk Management, or type diskmgmt.msc . Open the Action menu and select Attach VHD. Browse to the VHD file you want to attach and select it. If you’re restoring from a backup, check Read-only to prevent accidental erasures.

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      How to restore VHD file data ?

      by daniel@30 ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      Its very simple first install software then go EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard recovers deleted files and folders on your computer/laptop hard drive, externally connected USB flash drive or micro SD card by scanning all over its storage unit, and the overall process of searching for and finding the deleted items is done.



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      Things to keep in mind

      by minakshisondule ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      If you’re trying to restore to a smaller drive, as often is the case when users go from hard drives to SSDs, there are risks:
      The Windows restore routine can’t adjust for the location of some files, which may be placed beyond the limits of the new drive.

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      Data Recovery from Virtual Hard Disk

      by alexbarnes590 ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      Data Recovery from Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Files. Attach the VHD image to the system from the Windows Disk Management utility. Process the attached VHD disks in R-Studio as regular disks. Open the VHD files as disk images. Locate the VHD disks among the recognized partitions.

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      Possible reasons for VHD file corruption

      by robert1548236822 ·

      In reply to How to restore VHD file data ?

      1. Due to faulty hard disk storage:
      Hard disk storage might get corrupted or damaged due to firmware or manufacturer faults.
      2. Due to files transfer over a faulty network:
      Many errors that take place may occur while moving data on hardware that is faulty. Disconnection of the storage device during the creation or transfer of virtual drive can also cause errors.
      3. Errors due to antivirus programs:
      Antivirus or encryption programs can interfere with the operations of virtual machines. So, avoid installing antivirus or exclude virtual-machine related directories from antivirus scan.

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