How to restrict Internet traffic to certain quota for certain computer?

By Healer ·
How to monitor and restrict Internet traffic to certain quota for certain computer on a peer to peer network? Is it possible to keep tabs on the Internet traffic going through the router without replacing it? Perhaps certain routers provide some similar function but I am not in the position to replace it as it is provided and designated by the ISP. I would like to get a warning when the pre-set quota for the specific computer is nearly up and if possible then stop the Internet connection to the computer.

I suppose I can have the computer set with a fixed IP address and somehow count the data going through the router from another computer which is not always turned on. Perhaps I need certain program installed on another computer connected to the router and retrieve the required data.

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Yes... it can be done....

by Rob Kuhn In reply to How to restrict Internet ...

Is this a home network, business, ???

If this is a home network (or even a small office) most of your current routers have a parental mode/service built in which would do what you are asking.

If this is a traditional corporate network with a router and a firewall (two seperate devices) then check and see if the firewall has this built in. It may be an acutal hardware/module that you have to purchase or it could be an activation key that you purcahse that enables that feature.

If your firewall does not have this feature or ability then you can drop in a proxy server/appliance to monitor and track usage. Some will even do bandwidth quotas.

The above is just one example ... it would help to know the infrastructure a bit more... :)

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to Yes... it can be done....

Thanks for getting my hope up. It is a home office network. I do not use the firewall in the router. Anyway I can't see any function in the router which would do what I want.

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by ayman.khder In reply to How to restrict Internet ...

you can use microtik router hardware or software

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