How to restrict logon

By chad.campbell10 ·
Hello I am a technician for the library system, we have 2 logons without passwords milguest and milcat. Also we have certain computers for those logins.

We want to restrict the milcats logons from signing into the milguests computers, is there something locally that can be done without using GPO.

Because milcat is highly restricted only for catalog use, but we noticed users been logging out of milcats computers, and signing in milguest computers.

Any help is appreciated.

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Active Directory Users and Computers.

by CG IT In reply to How to restrict logon

you can specify which computers an account can log on to in the user account properties.

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That all depends upon....

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to Active Directory Users an ...

whether they use Active Directory or not though

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by chad.campbell10 In reply to That all depends upon....

Well we do but it is very limited, because the IT dept for the city limit us a lot what we can do, but I am with the IT dept for the library, so they do not allow us to do too much with users, computers, and GPO which really sucks!!! But I do not blame them...

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On local machine

by oldbaritone In reply to How to restrict logon

set "DENY" security on the applications used by milguest. Then they might be able to sign on, but couldn't do anything useful when they do.

And if the librarian signs on with their own ID, they wouldn't be affected.

Or if this is *nix based, as our local library system is, you can accomplish the same with Advanced Permissions or chown/chmod.

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by chad.campbell10 In reply to On local machine

Thanks oldbaritone I will try that

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