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    how to restrict pron websits


    by vikalp101 ·

    in my office many student open pron sites and they do not know how to delete the history and my boss is expert in computer if he see that than i will be in great problem
    so plz help me to restrict pron websits

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      by vikalp101 ·

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      There are many options but you need to tell us what you have

      by oh smeg ·

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      After all if your Expert Boss has setup a Nix Environment directions on how to block sites through M$ ISA is useless. Just the same as if you have some form of ISA and you get directions for a Nix Firewall it will not be much use to you.

      You could try this as a starting point though

      Or you could just not visit them to start off with. I fail to see how you could get into trouble for what others may have done and much more importantly if your Boss is such an Expert I’m sure he would be even more displeased to see that you have messed with things that you where not told to. If you have an Acceptable Use Policy in place there those caught visiting Porn Sites if this is against the policy will be immediately dismissed and that is as it should be. 😉


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      if they act like kids treat them like kids…

      by snuffy09 ·

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      bluecoat k9 web protection ;)… just kidding

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      Web filtering

      by khariskh ·

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      Not sure what your setup looks like but an easy one is to use OpenDNS[dot]com which has both a free and enterprise version.

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      by choppit ·

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      When you say “my office…” do you mean your personal office? If so just don’t allow students in your office unsupervised or lock you PC when it’s unattended.

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        by choppit ·

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        you could just ask your computer expert boss for a solution..

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          by dedlbug ·

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          …exactly. =]

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