How to retrieve Personal folders files in Outlook2003

By edzlewes ·
I contracted a virus on my pc; couldn't get rid of it so I had to re-download Windows 7, Microsoft Office, etc. I was able to restore files from Windows by going to Windows.old but I have lost all my personal folder files (saved emails) from Outlook. Do they still exist somewhere and how do I find them & place them back in the new Outlook app?

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In the Users folder

by cmiller5400 In reply to How to retrieve Personal ...

they may reside in My Documents, "Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook", "Local Settings\Microsoft Outlook"...

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Did not find them

by edzlewes In reply to In the Users folder

Is there something about pst. files?

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Depends on how you reinstalled Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to retrieve Personal ...

If you formatted the drive you out of luck but if you didn't format the drive you can try opening Outlook left clicking on File on the Tool Bar and then from the drop down Menu Import/Export. Tell the system to import from Outlook Mail & Settings and it will search the drive looking for the file type.

If that doesn't work the above suggestion will but this depends on you not having formatted the HDD when you reinstalled the OS.

They used to be PST but have now changed to something not sure what that is now as I don't have a 7 System here to play with.

However you should be able to recover all of this and your Data from your Backup. You should regularly Backup all of your Data including your Documents, Favorites and E Mail as Data is far more valuable than computers.

You can buy a computer for a few hundred $ if necessary but it still takes thousands of $ to recover Data from a Failed HDD. Of course if the computer gets stolen there is no chance of recovering anything and if you use this computer for Work or School you will have to redo all of your saved work again. That will take you ages and cost you more than several new computers if it's at all possible.

OK if you formatted the drive you can still recover the Data but it's going to be expensive. You need to pay a Data Recovery Company to do a Forensic Recovery and this will include replacing the HDD in the computer with a new one as the one currently in the system may need to be dismantled and that destroys them as a working HDD. But as the drive is working it will be cheaper to do the Forensic Recovery than it would cost if the drive had gone to Silicon Heaven. You should only need to factor in about $4,000.00 and the cost of a replacement HDD to recover all your Data provided that you have not messed with the drive.


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by edzlewes In reply to Depends on how you reinst ...

I tried... "opening Outlook left clicking on File on the Tool Bar and then from the drop down Menu Import/Export. Tell the system to import from Outlook Mail & Settings and it will search the drive looking for the file type." But there was no import from "Outlook Mail & settings" but rather "import from another program or file" which I did and led me to "personal file folder(pst.)" which I did and led me to...drumroll...could not find this file.
Yes, I have back up of files which I found in Windows.old but I never backed up emails...oh well. thanks again.

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Unhide Folders

by tunkmaster In reply to How to retrieve Personal ...

I know it might seem obvious but worth mentioning if you want look for the OUTLOOK pst files in the USER folders you would have to unhide system folder to show the AppData folder

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by edzlewes In reply to Unhide Folders

I'm afraid your thoughts are a little over my head...not that tech savy...sorry.

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You need to look in Windows.old.

by seanferd In reply to Hmmm

Follow the folder names inside Windows.old.

First, you need to find the user profiles. This is in folder USERS.

Then find the folder with your user name.

Then: /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook.

Your stuff (PST, OST files) is in here.

Windows.old/Users/<i>your user profile</i>/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook.

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Thanks so much to everyone

by edzlewes In reply to You need to look in Windo ...

I followed your advice but after windows.old/Users/My profile name/there was no Local Settings/App Data/Microsoft/Outlook.
My folders at that point were a list including Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites,Links,Back-up files, Documents, Music,Pictures,Videos,Games,Searches...I have been to each one and even under Searches I asked for Personal Folders and ...zilch.

Thanks to everyone who has diligently tried to help. I truly appreciate it. I guess they are gone. Oh, well, time to start fresh.

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Try once more!

by TobiF In reply to Thanks so much to everyon ...

In Windows Explorer:
1. Show hidden files and folders
2. Untick: Hide known extensions

Now, go back again.
You're looking for a file *.pst

If you find it, you shall simply "open" it from inside Outlook. (I.e. not "import")

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Yes! What TobiF says!

by seanferd In reply to Try once more!

You just aren't seeing these folders as they are normally hidden.

I would have mentioned this, but I thought it had been covered earlier in the thread.

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