How to round up thunderbird & outlook express e-mails to one file or folder

By J_R_M ·
Hello all,

Is there a method and/or a program to round up all e-mails from various computers into one file/folder on a new PC?

(a) I have e-mails on an old PC for both Thunderbird and Outlook Express clients.

(b) E-mails stored on my Laptop has Thunderbird as client.

The New PC will only have Thunderbird running but want to combine/move all of (a+b) e-mails into the new PC. In other words, I just want to move all e-mails that are scattered around on various PCs into one location and convert some of the Outlook Express mails to Thunderbird format.

Is this possible, I'm sure there is an easy solution?

NOTE: I will be using a Belkin USB 2.0 file transfer cable to connect the other machines to the new PC. (One at a time of course)

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Open Thunderbird

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to round up thunderbi ...

And Import the Outlook E-Mails into the Program. This will do what you want.


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Thunderbird e-mails

by J_R_M In reply to Open Thunderbird

Hi Col,

I already knew this (thanks) but the problem is the e-mails reside on different PCs. Thunderbird 'Import' only searches the current machine and drives.

What I need is a small utility loaded on each PC that collates all e-mails into a file that will eventually be transferred to the new PC.

Otherwise I will have to fiddle with 'Profile' settings and the like. Can get messy and best avoided.

The hunt continues....
Cheers and thanks,

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You can always.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thunderbird e-mails

... copy the TBird mail folders to a thumb drive, then to the new computer. Open them with TBird and drag the emails out of the old folders to your new ones, then close them.

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