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How to route based on x.x

By dcraig ·
We have a number of separately maintained and managed Exchange, GroupWise, and Lotus email systems. They each have a separate domain (? currently. The desire is to change all email addresses to but maintain the separate email systems. Does anyone know of a product or configuration that can route email based on the local address or x.x portion of the email address? If you have used such a product or configuration, what kind of administrative overhead in staff time does it require?

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by BFilmFan In reply to How to route ba ...

You are essentially asking for a product which would resolve multiple DNS MX mail records to a single domain name.

You would have to have set of round robin DNS MX records and create virtual SMTP domains for each of the domain names on the associated systems. This would lead to real nightmares since would exist on 3 separate email systems. thus, you would never be sure where the email truly went.

The real answer is there is no such product.

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by dcraig In reply to

I thought that it would be hopeless using standard DNS and SMTP. The only lame solution I can think of is a mail forwarder that links every to x.x@ That sounds like a hugh administrative nightmare. Does anybody have any experience with a mail forwarder who could give the the gotcha's?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to route ba ...

While you could forward the mail from the existing domains into a single new domain account it would be a nightmare to administer and you would be spending far too much time fault finding as there are bound to be horrendous problems mainly because the software was never designed to act like this.

Your only real solution to this is to rebuild the entire network from the ground up in the way that the new configuration requites. If this was some bright idea from Higher Up just write a report with detailed costings and expected down time and I think you'll see the idea dropped faster than a school kid dropping their school case.

However if it's something that you wish to achieve the only real solution is some custom scripting which will require a high end programmer who totally understands all the current existing systems and how they interact with each other and even then it's going to be a long painful process instigating the changes and it will require multiple rewrites or additions to the script as problems arise.

The best way to solve this would be to change things as the system gets replaced over time to get the desired results. While it would be a slow process it would also mean that you are not creating a whole series of problems to hit you all at once and it's much better to handle several small problems over a period of time rather than be hit with a massive problem all at once.


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