How to run a .Net program from a CD (.dll error)?

By innovationeconomics ·
I have a .Net application that runs well (on any windows OS) when the .exe file and its supporting .dlls are located together on a users harddrive or a USB flashdrive. However it fails to run if played directly from a CD (system unable to locate necessary .dll files).

Is there an automated solution to resolve this so I can distribute my application on CD and it will simply play when clicked on. For example, behind the scenes, handling of .dlls.

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I would say no there is not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to run a .Net program ...

Because Windows OS do not support Portable Applications very well when they are scripted the way that you have done here.

You'll need to setup the CD as a Install or MSI type file to associate the required DLL and application.


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Yes but it may not do you any good

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to run a .Net program ...

One of the main design criteria of .net was to get rid of dll ****. To deploy you put you exes and dlls in one folder it, only looks there job is a good 'un.
For those who insist on ruining this clever scheme for whatever reason (there are sone good ones) there is the GAC (global assembly cache. You have to install the supporting dlls into it with GACUtils, requires admin privileges and teh dlls must have strong names and your exe bind to them.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Yes but it may not do you ...

The vb6 support files were I think 4 or 5 DLL's. .net1 is 50mb worth of dlls and .net2 is 100mb worth of files (520 files!). It gets worse as you go down the line. How is that solving DLL ****?

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