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    How to run CHKDSK in a busted Win 7 and no Win CD?


    by gcondick ·

    I am fixing a 1yr old desktop for a friend. Original fault was “page error in unpaged area” BSOD. I fixed this by letting windows run its own diagnostics. Surprisingly the problem disappeared. Bouyed by this, I began to put the covers back on. I turned off the work light while it was re-booting for a last test…oops, I turned off the PC power instead!
    Now it won’t boot, starts up its diagnostic but this runs in an endless loop, same with safe mode. I am fairly sure it is a corrupt windows. I need to run chkdsk but don’t have the win CD. It will ne arriving late next week though. I tried a Bart cd but it crashes BSOD. I looked at something called “ultimate windows boot CD” but can’t find anything which fixes file system. I am running now HDD Regenerator V1.51. It claims to fix any arrors across diff platforms, but is slow. Will take about 3-5 days. HDD is 2 TB.

    The owner is happy for a clean format and install. Maybe there is something I can do in the meantime while waiting for the windows CD to arrive? I only have XP machines elsewhere so vo win 7 cd’s.

    System is win 7 home prem
    I5 3.3GHz 8GB RAM 2TB Windforce AGP

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