how to run dos applicatio from home folder?

By srgmnab ·
we created a user called 'stud' and given home folder location to connect in win'2003 server. what it needs to be done to run a dos application like "TC" from home folder location?

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Can the user

by NexS In reply to how to run dos applicatio ...

Click on the icon?

You will need to give more information on what is happening currently, what you've done to try and solve the problem yourself, and what you'd like to accomplish.

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Run a Dos application from server to client machine.

by srgmnab In reply to Can the user

when a 2003 server user log in a client machine, the dos application TC must run automatically. and also it must store the executed files in the user home directory located in the 2003 server.
Now you can understand, what is my proposition is?

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Then put it in a logon script.

by seanferd In reply to Run a Dos application fro ...

Assuming this application actually runs on server 2003.

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Logon script is the go

by NexS In reply to Run a Dos application fro ...

As Seanferd says, just make sure that you configure your 'TC' application to save any files in the home drive (which you setup in active directory ie: j:\, etc.).

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could you be more specific?

by srgmnab In reply to Logon script is the go

hai thanx for the idea. i need some more information regarding how to write log on script and how can i assign the script to the Organizational Unit(contains 30-40 users).
i have installed the TC application in every client. But still when i assign the path of home directory ex : z:\, it says can't create output file.

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DOS application?

by seanferd In reply to how to run dos applicatio ...

If TC is what I think it is, you've got the entirely wrong OS. But i think I see: Even some Unix users think that "DOS" means "command line interface". It doesn't. Windows users seem to be stuck in the same rut. (There is no DOS in an NT kernel.)

My guess? The user may need some elevated rights to use such an application, or permission to access the file.

And what do you mean, "from home folder location"? Should be in /usr/bin. Type TC in terminal, or create an application shortcut in your desktop environment.

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