how to run lvf file or convert it other video format

By sqadree ·
I am using DVR and security cameras, i have recorded a video clip, it is in lvf file format. when i try to run this clip then i generate error " file format not supported"
please tell me how to run it or convert this format to other video format.

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same problem

by ozm3n In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

did u find any thing yet.... if yes please let me know .lvf file issue is at my end too

i have searched a lot of websites cant find a solution.....

i think this is a linux file will try on UBUNTU


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Well here you can download a IVF Player there are hundreds of them

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

Or you can install a Codec Pack for your OS so that whatever Media Player you are using can recognize and support this File Format.

As you didn't list any OS I can not point you to any Players or Codec Packs as I don't know what you require.


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.lvf playing issue

by paulj.dickerson In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

I have the same issue. I have looked all over the internet for an answer but found nothing. I don't understand how this is a usable backup format if I'm not able to review the footage I have backed up. If anyone knows what and how to open or play a .lvf file please let us know.

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.lvf playing issue

by paulj.dickerson In reply to .lvf playing issue

If anyone needs to know I used a H.264 network DVR to record and back up and I am trying to view the backup on Vista. Some software I used gave me this info about the backup file ?AVC: 173 MiB352*240 (1.467), AVC (Baseline@L4.0) (1 Ref Frames)?. I have tried to change the extension from .lvf to .zip, .avi, .mov. nothing seems to work. I tried several surveillance video player and nothing would open it. PLEASE HELP!

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Reponse To Answer

by jerrypst In reply to .lvf playing issue

I am having the same problem... I have a DVR H.264 recorder. Download files to usb stick and cannot open up lvf files on my vista operating computer. Have you found a solution to your problem... please e-mail to help me out.

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Play lvf file format

by sm.zafar7 In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

Dear all if you want to play recorded a video clip, it is in lvf file format
so you can use windows media player 9
and see all recording.


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lvf viewer

by Tess007 In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

windows media player 11 plays lvf files (i'm still on XP).
Alternative there is a program called AVC HD Player from Elecard (dot com) which will not only play but also convert/save to MP4 stream and other file formats.

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lvf2avi file converter for CCTV DVR use

by ps3androidhacker In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

Here is the direct download link for the converter: www.cctvcommunity.co.uk/DlDocs/Gemini/Lvf2Avi.exe This let me successfully convert my H.264 CCTV .lvf files to .avi for use with DivX Player on my Windows 7 computer! Once that it done I can convert them to whatever format I need and burn them to DVD for direct playing in a DVD Player. Hope everybody finds this in good time and good spirits!!

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LVF Files from DVRs

by mam In reply to how to run lvf file or co ...

6/11/2012 The latest GOMPlayer does play them. gomlab.com is their homepage but they direct you to other sites to download.You can download it from cnet. Don't use Brothersoft...they added the AVG security toolbar & change your home page! Idiots! I'm not sure about the other link they gave but cnet is fine.

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